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About this Program

The Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) program is designed to enrich the certified teacher’s knowledge of research-based teaching and learning in the context of the profession’s shifting landscape. Evening and summer classes make it possible for students to pursue the degree while continuing to teach, thereby strengthening the program's theory-to-practice approach.

Program Overview

Tuition & Fees

Relevant, Credible, Online

The C&I program offers a fully online model, purposefully designed to deliver high-quality learning experiences while accommodating the busy schedule of teaching professionals. Online classes provide students with flexibility and the convenience of working from home, while still allowing students to have rich conversations about teaching and learning. Our small class sizes and discussion-based courses encourage high levels of engagement. The program culminates in a final capstone research project based on a student's unique interests and learning goals.

Hood’s education faculty and adjunct instructors are professional educators who work in the very fields that they teach. They know, from everyday experience in local schools, how standards, curriculum and assessment in today's diverse classrooms affect teaching and learning across all disciplines. They understand what effective inquiry-based learning, differentiation and personalized learning look like in high-performing classrooms. As a direct result, students have the advantage of relevant course content that puts current theory into practice.

Unique Concentrations, Small Class Sizes

The C&I program offers concentrations in elementary education, secondary education, elementary school science and mathematics, and special education. Students advance through the program, taking myriad courses that delve into cognitive-based teaching learning and assessment. The range of courses focus on current best practices, emerging issues, equity and equality. Small classes mean individual support and meaningful opportunities for collaborative work. Through the online format, students tap into technology as a blended learning tool.

The Hood Education Department is recognized by the Maryland State Department of Education as an approved Educator Preparation Program provider.

Student & Alumni Testimonials 

"I was drawn to Hood College’s grad school program because of their blended learning environment. I was very interested in an on campus graduate school experience, where I would still have connections with my departmental advisors and professors as opposed to learning completely online." - Joy Nugent, Curriculum & Instruction M.S. '20

Please note the Curriculum and Instruction master's program is not open to F1 students.

Degrees Offered

  • MS

For students applying to the curriculum and instruction program, please submit the following to the Graduate School:

  • Complete the online application.
  • Submit one copy of official transcripts from the institution where the highest degree was conferred.
  • Write a short essay (approx. 500 words) describing how you anticipate Hood College’s curriculum and instruction graduate program will benefit you and your professional goals.
  • Submit a copy of your teaching certificate.

Once these documents have been submitted to the Graduate School, the applicant will interview with the Program Director after which a decision for admittance into the curriculum and instruction graduate program will be made.

An applicant to the graduate program in curriculum and instruction must already hold teacher certification. This program does not issue initial teacher certification.

Program Contact

Nick Masucci

Assistant Director of Graduate Admission

Office: 301-696-3601 Cell/WhatsApp: 240-651-4015

Our Faculty...

are active in national professional organizations and in local schools as supervisors of teacher candidates.

All Faculty
Kristine Calo

Kristine Calo

  • Professor of Education
  • Chair, Department of Education
  • Program Coordinator, Early Childhood Education
Christy Graybeal

Christy Graybeal

  • Professor of Education and Mathematics
  • Chair, Department of Education
  • Program Director, Mathematics Education and Math Instructional Leadership
Rebecca Grove

Rebecca Grove

  • Associate Professor of Education
  • Program Coordinator, Secondary Education
  • Director of First Year Seminar
Marisel Torres-Crespo

Education Faculty Nominated to Online Learning Council

Marisel Torres-Crespo, Ph.D. Faculty Graduate School Graduate Student

“I am ready to learn a lot from my new colleagues at different institutions and to offer my support as much as I can. Also, I want to put Hood College’s name on the map for online learning.”

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