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Reading Specialization (M.S.)

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About this Program

With the heavy focus on reading achievement at the federal, state and local levels, highly trained reading specialists and literacy coaches are in demand in the K-12 educational environment. The reading specialization master's program provides the foundation in principles, practices and leadership teachers must acquire to meet that demand.

Program Overview

Breadth, depth

Open to certified teachers who will have taught for three or more years by the time the degree is conferred, the program deepens understanding and broadens competencies in the field. Many classes are taught by highly qualified reading specialists, affording candidates the advantage of hands-on literacy experience at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

Applied, rigorous

Unlike most other master’s programs in reading specialization, Hood provides supervised practicum opportunities in both elementary and secondary reading clinics. Master’s degree candidates work with small, diverse groups of students in both clinics, during which time they are observed and coached in assessment, diagnosis and prescription. This advanced degree program satisfies International Reading Association standards for the preparation of reading specialists. It also fulfills the Maryland State Department of Education’s requirements for licensure as a reading specialist.


Courses in the 36-credit program are offered in the evenings and during the summer, allowing students to continue to work full-time.

Program Contact

Program Director


Christian DiGregorio

Director of Graduate Admission


Degrees Offered

  • MS
Photo Of Emily with students

What’s it Like to be in Reading Clinic? Part 1

Emily Bernstein Graduate Student

Aug. 16, 2018 - A crucial part of most any graduate school program is the capstone project – the project at the end of the program where students get a chance to apply and expand on everything they have learned.

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Reading Strategies

Dogs, Exploring, Plays, and Stress – Reading Clinic Part 2

Emily Bernstein Graduate Student

Aug. 23, 2018 - Getting ready for the second week of clinic, I felt a strange combination of nervous and confident. I’d survived the first week without any major disasters and felt like I’d been teaching my three students for a month.

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For students applying to the reading specialization program, please submit the following to the Graduate School:

  • One copy of official transcripts from the institution where the highest degree was conferred
  • Interview with program director
  • Writing sample to be completed during the interview

An applicant to the graduate program in Reading Specialization must already hold teacher certification to apply. This program does not issue teacher certification.

Our faculty...

are active in national professional organizations and in local schools as supervisors of teacher candidates.

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