Hood Ceramic Arts Program Receives Grant from National Endowment for the Arts, Frederick Arts Council

$10,000 Create and Activate Now grant awarded to Ceramic Arts Graduate Program at Hood will aim to expand “Visiting Artist” program via workshops, virtual talks

The Hood College Ceramic Arts Program has received a $10,000 “Create and Activate Now” grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and Frederick Arts Council (FAC).Create and Activate Now grants support artists and arts organizations who have been impacted by the Coronavirus, aiming to strengthen cultural infrastructure nationwide.

Ceramic created by Meaghan Gates
Ceramic created by Meaghan Gates

Dollars received from the grant will be used exclusively to expand the Ceramic Arts Visiting Artist program at Hood. Hood plans to host two artists from around the country to conduct multi-day, High Impact Practice workshops that include:

  • Demonstrations of the artists skillsets and research interests
  • Artist lectures
  • Critiques for Hood graduate ceramic arts students
  • An on campus solo exhibition of visiting artists’ work

Hood also plans to hold multiple one-day workshop symposiums featuring artists from the Mid-Atlantic region. Artists will demonstrate their artistic practice and philosophies of art making, as well as take part in a group exhibition of their work on campus.

Additionally, Hood will host several artists via zoom to give virtual artist talks where students may ask the artists questions about their creative process and receive insights into the meaning behind their artwork.

Chaz Martinsen, Visiting Assistant Professor of Ceramic Arts
Chaz Martinsen, Visiting Assistant Professor of Ceramic Arts

“The importance of an arts community is to share ideas, research and artwork produced and interact with artists from various geographical locations and intellectual perspectives,” said Chaz Martinsen, Interim Director of the Ceramic Arts Graduate Program at Hood. “This grant will allow the Ceramic Arts program to provide this community experience to our students and members of the arts communities. We are exceptionally thankful for this opportunity provided by the NEA and FAC.”

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Frederick Arts Council Logo


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