Ceramic Arts Program

Ceramic Arts Program

The Ceramic Arts Program schedule of courses and workshops and registration information is available now. 

Hood offers a variety of workshops for a range of skills. The courses are offered during the evenings and on weekends as well. 

Hood offers basic undergraduate courses in ceramic arts:

  • ARTS 203 Ceramics I
  • ARTS 304 Sculpture/Handbuilding
  • ARTS 345 Ceramic Sculpture
  • ARTS 303 Ceramics I Wheel
  • ARTS 343 Intermediate Wheel

The Graduate Certificate in Ceramic Arts is a post-baccalaureate program providing an advanced studio experience to assist students in achieving a professional level of proficiency in the ceramic arts. With attention to the application of universal design principles and the unique requirements for teaching the ceramic arts at a variety of institutional levels, the program has been designed to assist students in the development of technical proficiency, refinement of personal aesthetic expression and production of a comprehensive body of work. The course work in ceramics will provide an intensive experience in planned and structured curriculum based on aesthetics, technical and experiential learning, and skill development. Through study, studio protection and objective-subjective analysis of creative work, the program will prepare the student for the challenges, demands and opportunities of a variety of careers in ceramics and related fields.

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