Ceramic Arts Program


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*Program closed. The College is not accepting Ceramic Arts graduate applications at this time.

The Ceramic Arts Graduate Program at Hood College focuses on the development of technical skills, historical understanding of the ceramic arts and conceptual development of students to become professional artists that create visually stunning works of art while adding to the dialog of contemporary craft, fine art, and culture.  

Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics 

Masters of Arts in Ceramics

Graduate Certificate in Ceramic Arts

The Ceramic Arts Program schedule of courses and workshops and registration information is available below. Hood offers a variety of workshops for a range of skills. The courses are offered during the evenings and on weekends as well. 

Hood offers basic undergraduate courses in ceramic arts:

  • ARTS 203 Ceramics I
  • ARTS 304 Sculpture/Handbuilding
  • ARTS 345 Ceramic Sculpture
  • ARTS 303 Ceramics I Wheel
  • ARTS 343 Intermediate Wheel


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Facilities & Equipment

  • Our ceramic facilities are located in the Tatem Arts Center, Hodson Science Center, and adjacent Kiln Pavilion.
  • Our graduate and undergraduate courses are taught in the wheel-throwing studio and handbuilding studio in Tatem Arts Center. Courses also utilize our vented electric kiln room, plaster mold making room, small spray booth, dry materials storage, fully stocked glaze lab, and vented clay mixing area in Tatem. There are also individual, semi-private studio spaces shared with the undergraduate studio arts majors.
  • Hodson Science Center houses our shared studio area with semi-private graduate spaces and large spray booth, two private studio spaces, an additional graduate student only glaze lab , and graduate only electric kiln access.  
  • The kiln pad is located adjacent to the Hodson Science Center for easy access from studio to kiln use. Graduate courses are also taught in Hodson Science Center and on the kiln pad for hands-on experience.


  • Indoor vented kiln room with 3 computerized L&L electric kilns, a Manual Alpine front loading Electric Kiln, and a computerized Olympic Test kiln
  • Wheel Throwing Studio with 12 Brent B & CXC throwing wheels and 2 Whisper XL throwing wheels
  • Handbuilding Studio with canvas covered tabletops
  • 24” Bailey Slab Roller
  • 30-gallon Slip Mixer
  • Soldner Professional Clay Mixer, holds up to 300 lbs wet clay
  • Soldner Studio Clay Mixer, holds up to 150 lbs wet clay
  • Small Amaco Spray Booth
  • Northstar Ware Cart, several wire carts, and a flatbed cart
  • Peter Pugger Pug Mill
  • Venco Pug Mill
  • Extruder
  • Fully Stock Glaze Lab
  • Dry Material Storage
  • Plaster Mixing Room
  • Studio Glazes for cone 6 through cone 04 available



    Hodson Annex, Graduate Students Only

    • Indoor Vented Kiln Room with 1 L&L computerized electric kiln and Paragon test kiln
    • Large main studio space with individual graduate studio spaces
    • Additional electric L&L Kiln is located on the main studio floor and is window vented
    • 2 Brent CXC Wheels
    • Large Spray Booth
    • Extruder
    • Fully Stocked Glaze Lab
    • Studio Glazes for atmospherics cone 10 and cone 6 available

    Covered Kiln Pad

    • There are 4 gas kilns: small reduction gas kiln, cross draft soda kiln, large reduction gas kiln, large salt kiln
    • Sanderson ECO Train Wood Kiln
    • Wood Storage Area
    • 2 Raku set-ups
    • Flatbed Cart
    • Space for alternative firing method