Workshops and Studio Courses

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ARTS 520: Photographing Ceramics - 1 credit 
With: Tim Jacobsen  
Dates: 7/8 & 7/9,  
Class Times: 10am-4pm both days  
Room: TA 19 
Teaching Modality: Traditional 

Description: A study of the equipment and methods for photographing and posting three-dimensional ceramic art works. Solving specific questions of lighting, surface reflection, placement in frame and close-ups. 

Workshop Fee: $250 
ARTS 508:Ceramic Sculpture- 2 credits 
With: Cooper Siegel  
Dates: 7/15 -19, 7/22-25  
Class Times: 9am -3pm  
Room: TA 2 
Teaching Modality: Traditional 

Description: The study of clay as a sculpting material in major hand building procedures, including pinch, coil, carving, slab methodologies for functional and modular construction. Emphasis is on the development of conceptual understanding of craftsmanship integrating clay, surface, firing and aesthetics.  

Workshop Fee: $500 
ARTS  599Teach: Strategies for Teaching Ceramics in school settings - 2 credits 
With: Natalia Kormeluk  
Dates: Monday - Thursday, 8/5,6,7,8   
Class Times: 10am - 4pm   
Room: TA 1   
Teaching Modality: Traditional 

Description: Through seminar, hands-on studio practice and planning, this course is for teachers or prospective art teachers wanting to establish strategies for teaching the ceramics arts on the primary, secondary and community college levels. Participants will identify solutions to such topics as teaching the potter’s wheel, developing age-appropriate hand building projects with an interdisciplinary approach, organize space, materials, and equipment, scaffold complex concepts, and develop student community in large classes.  

workshop fee: $500