Workshops and Studio Courses

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ARTS 502 - East Asian Coil - Instructor: Ray Chen - Modality: Synchronous Online - Dates: 1/7 5 PM - 9 PM, 1/8-1/9 9AM - 5PM

One of the most valuable methods for the construction of asymmetrical work, East Asian Wedged Coil Technique provides the greatest wet structural strength for clay sculpture. Learn coil making and building, and the advanced techniques of coil riveting, ribbing, bridging, boating and bracing for large and/or sculptural forms in clay.

ARTS 533 - Soda Firing Theory and Practice - Instructor: Jenna Gianni - Modality: Traditional - Dates: 1/12-1/15 9 AM - 6:30PM

A study in soda firing, presenting information on clay, slip and glaze for the soda firing, loading and stacking procedures, wadding composition and placement, heat rise, the effects of oxidation/reduction firing cycles, and firing theory will be covered. Information on the history of soda firing, types of soda kilns and basic kiln construction, kiln maintenance, kiln furniture, heat measuring devices, and safety issues will also be covered.

ARTS 507 - Plates and Platters - Instructor: Kristin Muller - Modality: Synchronous Online - Dates: 4/1 5PM-9PM, 4/2-4/3 9 AM-5PM

An in-depth study of the throwing and finishing plates and large platters, including structural strength concepts for low open forms, methods for centering, a variety of throwing techniques, information on finishing, firing and composition.

ARTS 517 - Asymmetrical and Dynamic Wheel - Instructor: Yoshi Fujii - Modality: Traditional - Dates: Semesterly, Thursdays 5:10 PM - 7:55 PM

The course will provide the student with experience in alternatives to simple wheel throwing by combining wheel and hand building techniques. Procedures to alter forms include shaping, paddling, faceting, combining separately thrown forms, and integrating coiling and throwing. Work may be in stoneware or porcelain.

ARTS 524 - Clay Calculation - Instructor: Joe Delphia - Modality: Synchronous Online - Dates: Semesterly, Mondays 5:10 PM - 8:20 PM

This course will explore the composition, properties and application of materials used in ceramics to aid in the development of clay bodies for pottery and sculpture.

ARTS 530 - Kiln Technology and Firing Theory - Instructor: Chaz Martinsen - Modality: Traditional - Dates: 2/12-2/13, 2/19-2/20 9 AM - 6:30 PM

A study in kiln stacking and firing procedures with concentration on reduction atmosphere firings; notes on types of kilns and basic kiln construction, oxidation firing, kiln maintenance and repair, kiln furniture, heat measuring devices and safety equipment. 

*** Students will need to have a plethora (more the merrier) of work bisque fired for this course. We will be firing to cone 6 reduction and/or oxidation as we explore a new glaze palate for the Ceramic Arts Program ***


ARTS 531 - Wood Firing Theory - Instructor: Jason Laney - Modality: Traditional - Dates: 4/30-5/1, 5/7-5/8 9 AM - 6:30 PM

A study in wood firing with information on stoking patterns, heat rise and firing theory, wadding composition, and placement, loading, and stacking procedures, types of woods, stoking patterns; the effects of oxidation/reduction cycles and more will be covered. Full participation in all aspects of preparation and firing is required. 

*** Due to the nature of wood firing, the experience of the firing will require late nights/early mornings as the students work in shifts to fire the kiln ***


ARTS 546 - Mold Making and Slip Casting - Instructor: Chaz Martinsen - Modality: Traditional - Dates: Semesterly, Wednesdays 5:10 PM - 8:20 PM

This course is a study of the history, technical processes and proper application of mold making and slip casting. A combination of lecture, demonstration and experiential methods will be used to develop three-dimensional problem solving, proper plaster use and casting slip formulation. Multi-part molds will be created from prototypes, cycles of production will be generated and the science behind creating and maintaining proper slip consistency will be taught to achieve consistent results.