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There are no workshops planned this J-Term, 2023. Please view our Spring 2023 Schedule and look for more news on our upcoming visiting artist series!

ARTS 505- Master's Throwing I
Instructor: Kristin Muller
Dates: 3/30- 4/2
Times: 9am - 5pm
Workshop Price: $450

An in-depth study of advanced throwing concepts designed to assist the student to cognitively understand the essence of clay, the broadcast potential of the medium and learn to respond to the forces affecting the movement of clay during the throwing process in a synthesis of skill, knowledge and artistic expression.

ARTS 522- Glaze Calculation, Theory & Practice
Instructor: Natalia Kormeluk 
Modality: Traditional
Dates: Mondays 1/24 - 5/13
Times: 5:30- 9pm
Workshop Price: $675

This course will explore the composition, properties and application of materials used in ceramics to aid in the development of glaze compositions for pottery and sculpture.

ARTS 528- Contemporary Raku Techniques & Practices
Instructor: Natalia Kormeluk 
Modality: Traditional
Dates: 2/18-2/19, 311-3/12, 4/22-4/23
Times: Saturdays & Sundays 10am - 4:15pm
Workshop Price: $450

Prerequisite: Enrollment restricted to students admitted to the graduate ceramic arts programs. Lab fee. Knowledge of the raku process is essential for MA and MFA students. Raku firing provides a basic understanding of the oxidation/reduction cycles for the firing of all fuel fired kilns.

ARTS 530- Kiln Technology & Firing Theory
Instructor: Chaz Martinsen
Modality: Traditional
Dates: 1/27-1/29, 2/4-2/5, 2/10
Times: Fridays 6pm - 9pm, Saturdays & Sundays 9am - 5pm
Workshop Price: $450

A study in kiln stacking and firing procedures with concentration on reduction atmosphere firings; notes on types of kilns and basic kiln construction, oxidation firing, kiln maintenance and repair, kiln furniture, heat measuring devices and safety equipment.

ARTS 564- Aesthetics & Criticism
Instructor: Natalia Kormeluk 
Modality: Traditional
Dates: 2/11, 2/25, 3/4, 3/18, 4/15, 4/29
Times: Saturdays 9am - 5pm
Workshop Price: $675

The freedom of personal aesthetic expression is the goal toward which most artists strive. Criticism, the spoken or written talk about art, conveys a power to build or destroy. The course will explore the language of aesthetics and criticism to bring the student toward the creation and interpretation of beauty and meaning in their artistic statement.



ARTS 547 Creating with Porcelain - Instructor: Natalia Kormeluk- Workshop Price $675

  •  An in-depth study of the characteristics and techniques for working with porcelain, including exploration of classical porcelain, low open forms, plates and platters, horizontal throwing, and advanced glazing procedures.
    • Weekly on Monday Evenings - 5:30 PM - 9 PM - 3Cr - Modality: Traditional


ARTS 569 Survival Skills for the Artist - Instructor: Chaz Martinsen- Workshop Price $675

  •  The development of a body of work in preparation for the artist’s capstone exhibition and the business of survival as an artist will prepare students for the creation of a body of work for exhibition in ARTS 570 Seminar in Personal Studio Research.
    • Weekly on Tuesdays - 6 PM - 8:20 PM - 3Cr - Modality: Synchronous Online

ARTS 542 Modeling the Figure - Instructor: Toby Mendez- Workshop Price $675

  •  The study of structure, proportion and movement as seen in the human figure is key to the understanding and appreciation of balance, design and the interaction of objects within nature. An in-depth study of the figure in clay, including anatomy and articulation using the life and costumed model, and considerations for finishing and firing figurative work.
    • Weekly on Thursdays - 5:30 PM - 9 PM - 3Cr - Modality: Traditional


ARTS 517 Dynamic and Asymmetric Wheel - Instructor: Yoshi Fujii- Workshop Price $675

  •  The course will provide the student with experience in alternatives to simple wheel throwing by combining wheel and handbuilding techniques. Procedures to alter forms include shaping, paddling, faceting, combining separately thrown forms, and integrating coiling and throwing. Work may be in stoneware or porcelain
    • Takes place over three(3) weekends: 8/27-8/28, 9/10-9/11, 917-9/18 - Sat/Sun - 9 AM - 5 PM - 3Cr - Modality: Traditional


ARTS 520 Photographing Ceramics - Instructor: Tim Jacobsen- Workshop Price $450

  •  The study of aesthetic considerations in photographing ceramic art. Composition of the object as it relates to the camera frame. Students will evolve a personal portfolio and slide library of individual works and images.
    • Takes place over several Saturdays: 9/24, 10/1, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29 - Sat - 9 AM - 2 PM - 1Cr - Modality: Traditional


ARTS 525 Electric Kilns - Instructor: Chaz Martinsen- Workshop Price $450

  • An in-depth study of all aspects of modern electric kilns used for ceramics, including design, construction and materials, related supplies and equipment, loading procedures, operation, unloading, routine maintenance, diagnosis of common problems and repair, safety and selection criteria for choosing the appropriate kiln for different applications.
    • 11/4-11/6 - Fri/Sat/Sun - Fri 5 PM - 9 PM, Sat/Sun 9 AM - 5 PM - 1Cr - Modality: Traditional


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