Hood College and ScienceWerx Partner on Technology Transfer

New partnership established to aid students in learning how research is commercialized

Hood College and ScienceWerx are pleased to announce a new partnership designed to show undergraduate and graduate-level students how their research can be commercialized to benefit humankind.

ScienceWerx is a 501c(3) non-profit organization designed to accelerate the commercialization of technologies for the betterment of humankind. ScienceWerx has created an ecosystem to address the many issues of bringing products to market. This includes access to capital, technology transfer offices, groups of industry-trained professionals, the vast incubator system, and facilities explicitly designed with commercialization in mind.

ScienceWerx Logo
ScienceWerx Logo

Hood is currently partnered with life science leaders such as the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research and others, whose scientists collaborate with Hood faculty members to team-teach courses and enhance Hood’s curriculum with firsthand scientific knowledge and direct research experience. This new partnership with ScienceWerx aims to complete the “bench-to-bedside” pipeline, offering students a direct connection within the research commercialization process, showcasing the process by which the results of laboratory research will be directly used to develop new ways to treat patients and save lives.

Hood College President Andrea E. Chapdelaine
Hood College President Andrea E. Chapdelaine, Ph.D.

“Hood has a long history of strong partnerships with the biotechnological and biomedical research industry here in Frederick, providing powerful opportunities for our students to apply learning in the classroom to real-world research that is advancing healthcare across a variety of sectors,” Andrea E. Chapdelaine, Ph.D., President of Hood College.

“In partnering with ScienceWerx, we can also now help students understand the process by which a new discovery in the lab becomes a viable product, enabling our students to help scientists move their products through the commercialization pipeline.”

ScienceWerx Chairman and Co-Founder Patrick Haley
ScienceWerx Chairman and Co-Founder Patrick Haley

“I have always been impressed with Hood as I've engaged with students and faculty members throughout the years. With this partnership, ScienceWerx and Hood can now work together to bridge the gap between science and commercialization, bringing potentially life-saving products from ideation to production,” said Patrick Haley, chairman and co-founder of ScienceWerx.

“Hood students, through high-impact learning experiences, will have the opportunity to work for clients involved with ScienceWerx to receive first-hand experience as they commercialize research. Businesses from start-ups to international companies will employ Hood students in marketing, intellectual property, business negotiations, manufacturing and more.”

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