Retired Professor Emerita Ann Boyd Ph.D. Establishes Endowed Funds to Support Graduate Students

Former Professor of Biology and Biomedical Science M.S. Program Director Dr. Ann Boyd establishes new fund, also honored with dedication of existing fund

Hood College Professor Emerita Dr. Ann L. Boyd, Ph.D., has established the Dr. Ann L. Boyd Endowed Graduate School BMS Fund, which will support faculty and student collaborative research for thesis and capstone experiences.

The first award from this new fund is slated to be given sometime between 2025 and 2026.

Additionally, the College’s existing Biomedical Science Alumni Scholarship, also initially established by Boyd in 2018, has been renamed to the Dr. Ann L. Boyd Biomedical Science Graduate Scholarship.

The first scholarship from this existing fund is to be awarded in fall 2022 to fund coursework for graduate students in Hood's Biomedical Science program.

Dr. Ann L. Boyd, Ph.D
Ann has worked with Hood faculty to develop our Biomedical Science Program and she was among the first instructors to teach in it,” said Craig Laufer, co-chair of the Department of Biology at Hood. “She has been involved ever since, serving many years as the director of the program, always nurturing and guiding the program to the successes it has achieved. Ann has helped to train generations of scientists that work in the biomedical/biotech field in the greater Frederick region.”

Boyd has continued to teach at Hood after her retirement and currently leads two classes remotely from her home in Vermont. Boyd also continues her support of the Biomedical Science program, faculty and students through the Biomedical Science Faculty Award.

Both endowed funds are open to receive donations from the public in Ann's honor. Please contact Emily VanderWoude in the Office of Institutional Advancement to do so.

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