Students gaining hands on experience in the multimedia center

Delaplaine Foundation Multimedia Center

The Delaplaine Foundation Multimedia Center is a new facility that allows students to learn the techniques involved in documenting, editing and producing a wide variety of broadcast style programs and other types of multi-media communication content. Students also produce audio storytelling shows in a state-of-the-art audio recording studio (Blazer Radio).

The Multimedia Center expands the reach of both the Communication Arts and Integrated Marketing Communications programs. Students in both majors have the opportunity to take several visual media production courses, which will introduce them to the workings of the studio. Those students who take advanced visual media courses will learn to produce and direct a variety of broadcast style shows and other types of multi-media content.

The content for broadcast shows will be provided by student in reporting classes, visual media production classes and from audio storytelling classes. Programs will include interviews with newsmakers and on-campus speakers, coverage of Hood’s Division III athletic teams, and will highlight a variety of campus news events as well as activities in the greater Frederick area and social events both on and off campus. Integrated Marketing Communication students will be able to incorporate visual marketing and promotional material into their portfolios.

Students recording an episode of Blazer Radio in the recording studio
Students recording an episode of Blazer Radio in the recording studio

Students will also benefit by gaining the type of hands-on experience that will enhance their search for internships and for employment after graduation. They will be able to provide actual examples of their work, demonstrating their mastery of the skills and techniques demanded by today’s employers. To date, students have collaborated and created content for Hood Ted X Talks, Livable Frederick Planning And Design Office, AARCH, Frederick Country Chamber of Commerce, WFMD Radio, Sherlocked-In Escape Room and the Hood DYW Program.

The suite is equipped with two broadcast studios, a digital editing lab, radio station, collaboration rom and a photography studio. Each broadcast studio is equipped with a broadcast set, green screen and a glass walled control room. Equipment in each studio includes three Blackmagic broadcast cameras with attached teleprompters and a DMX controllable lighting system. The control rooms feature state-of-the art Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Pro HD Live Production Switcher, graphics display monitors, lighting control panel and an audio mixing board. All broadcast shows have the ability to be Live Streamed on YouTube and Facebook Live.

The Multimedia Center was funded through a generous grant from The Delaplaine Foundation as well as contributions from Communication Arts alumni and faculty.