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Sustainability Studies (B.A.)

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About this Program

Sustainability is a complex concept that has a uniquely human perspective. It is rooted in decisions we make about the quality of life we want for ourselves, our community and future generations. As a sustainability studies major, you will be prepared for personal and professional achievement in STEM-related fields and for productive participation in society.

Program Overview

Environmental sustainability is a 21st century goal being sought by government agencies, industries and nonprofit organizations. And yet, most higher education institutions are not preparing the needed sustainability specialists to meet this challenge.

As the only undergraduate sustainability studies major in Maryland, Hood’s program is uniquely positioned to give its majors a curriculum framed around the water-energy-food (WEF) nexus and supported by experiential anchors:

All three focus areas will feature systems thinking, high-impact practices, content knowledge, field and laboratory mentorship, College-wide sustainability initiatives, and civic engagement and service learning. This program will offer a holistic education that encompasses the curriculum, co-curricular experiences and a rich array of experiential learning opportunities that will facilitate student exploration and foster intellectual growth. 

The major in sustainability studies at Hood is designed to integrate the liberal arts with technology, to explore the values and the cultivation of community and to equip students for lives of responsibility, service, civic engagement and leadership.

You will come away with an understanding of the concepts of sustainability as they are connected to social justice, the environment and the economy, and be able to evaluate complex environmental issues.

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  • BA

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Sustainability studies

Sustainability Studies

In the fall of 2020, Hood College, MD began offering a new major in Sustainability Studies. This unique undergraduate degree prepares students to work toward solving some of the most pressing issues of our time. Our program focuses on the Food-Energy-Water nexus and provides hands on learning opportunities in each area of study.

Coastal & Watershed Studies

Explore the biological, ecological, historical and cultural influences of our nation's coastline.

Frederick Food Security

Make an impact helping to feed our local community while learning about sustainable agriculture.

Research Opportunities

Conduct hands-on research alongside expert faculty through a variety of unique programs.

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Professor of Biology


Sustainability studies majors...

learn how to protect, preserve and make the smartest possible use of the planet’s natural resources.

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Drew Ferrier

Drew Ferrier

  • Professor of Biology
  • Director of the Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies

Sustainability Stories

Students planting seeds at the Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs Garden

Frederick Food Security Network Receives Community Support

Donations from local organizations help the FFSN during the COVID19 pandemic.

With the recent generous support from organizations such as the Common Market, the Delaplaine Foundation and the Capital Group, the FFSN team will be able to continue working in our community.