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About this Program

Sociology is the study of social life and the social forces that shape human experience. You will explore the complex connections between people's attitudes, beliefs and behaviors with those of the society and culture in which we live.

Program Overview

In our program, you will examine social problems, race and ethnicity, gender inequality, criminology, deviant behavior, globalization, human sexuality, social theory and more. Students who study sociology also sharpen their abilities to write, think, speak, analyze and synthesize information.

You will develop an understanding of how people interact with each other and within organizations. You will gain experience working as part of a problem-solving team. You will increase understanding of culture. You will deepen your awareness of social problems in the United States and around the world.

Our program offers rigorous research training, opportunities for experiential and community-based learning and one-credit workshops that emphasize career-relevant skills such as preparing résumés, writing grant proposals and making oral presentations.

Students who major in sociology are prepared for a wide range of careers in social service agencies; state and local governments; higher education; business, criminal justice and healthcare organizations; and organizations that work for social change. Many sociology majors continue their education and enter professions such as city and community planning, social research, social policy, public health, counseling, women’s studies, politics, law, social work and higher education.

Hood’s small classes and caring, committed faculty members offer students multiple opportunities to pursue their own intellectual interests and learning goals. For most students, this means going beyond simply learning about what others have discovered and instead discovering and creating knowledge themselves—doing their own research, independently or in collaboration with other students, faculty members and community partners. Sociology majors are also encouraged to pursue an internship to help prepare them for careers after college.

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The sociology minor offers students a systematic introduction to the theoretical and methodological bases of the discipline and, at the same time, contributes to their ability to look at human problems and the human condition analytically; to understand important features of the society in which they live; and to think and communicate logically and clearly.

Sociology Minor Courses

Experiential Learning

Our students complete internships with Frederick Healthcare Coalition, Maryland University of Integrative Health, United Way and more.


Earn your combined bachelor’s and master’s as part of our 4PLUS program.

Career Outlooks

Explore careers in sociology at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Jolene Sanders

Associate Professor of Sociology, Department Chair


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are active in national professional organizations.

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