Information for Guests

  • Guests must have a ticket to enter the Thomas Athletic Field  
  • Local guidelines require each guest to undergo a temperature checked and answer COVID screening questions prior to entering the Athletic Field. 
  • Guests should be in their seats 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony to maintain the schedule of the day. 
  • Guests must wear masks at all times and maintain social distancing. Chairs cannot be moved. 
  • Restrooms are located in the Volpe Athletic Center, Coblentz Hall and the Nicodemus Center. Guests must have their ticket to re-enter the field area. 
  • Seats will be filled by the ushers from front to back. 
  • Guests will not be allowed to go near the stage; a large video wall will be placed beside the stage for better viewing. 

Field Protocols

  • All individuals are required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times.  
  • Heels are not allowed on the field; anyone wearing heels will not be allowed to enter.  (Wedges are allowed.)
  • No food, gum or any beverage other than water is allowed in the athletic field area. Bottles of water will be available for all graduates and guests. 
  • No pets allowed; service animals are acceptable.  
  • Chairs will be placed six feet apart and cannot be moved, even to sit closer to a family member. 
  • Artificial turf can be 20-40 degrees hotter than the air temperature. The field does not offer shade, so guests and graduates should be prepared with appropriate clothing, hats, sunscreen, etc. If sitting in the sun/heat for an extended period of time will not be sustainable, individuals should consider watching the ceremony via live stream. 

Additional questions can be sent to