Featuring Hood Graduate Alumna | Caitlin Schultheis, M.S. School Counseling, 2018

Hood Graduate Alumna: Caitlin Schultheis, M.S. School Counseling, 2018

This interview highlights Hood graduate alumna, Caitlin Schultheis, who graduated with an M.S. in School Counseling in 2018 and currently works as a school counselor with Frederick County Public Schools.

Caitlin Schultheis

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School Counseling

Can you provide a quick bio? Any general background that you would like to share, as well as your educational and career background

I started attending Hood College during my senior year of high school.  I graduated high school with six college credits under my belt.  When I graduated high school, I knew that I wanted to work with children but did not know in what capacity.  After I graduated Hood College with my undergrad degree, I spent two years in the "real world" trying to find a job that I thoroughly enjoyed and could turn into a career.  I found myself working with all different types of children coming from different family backgrounds, however, it wasn't until I started working at Brook Lane until I found my passion.  I worked at Brook Lane, the Laurel Hall School, for three years as a Behavior Specialist.  Brook Lane exposed me to the world of mental health and is what ultimately inspired me to go back to school to obtain a degree in school counseling.

Why did you choose Hood College Graduate School?

When attending Hood College for my undergraduate degree, I had a positive experience that impacted my decision to return for graduate school.  While I was attending undergrad, my brother was attending Hood College Graduate School and my sister was attending Hood for her undergraduate degree.  My cousin was also attending Hood for her undergraduate degree.  Receiving an education at Hood College became kind of like a family tradition.  Knowing that my family members who I hold so close to my heart were attending Hood alongside me made campus feel like home.

How has your Hood College graduate degree helped further your career and/or your life?

When I was searching for employment, it was my goal to work for Frederick County Public Schools.  Throughout my time at Hood, I was able to form a close bond with a professor who is also a school counselor in Frederick County and won Maryland School Counselor of the Year.  I remember leaving her class several times thinking, "If Frederick County hires school counselors like her, that is where I need to be."  I am now a school counselor with Frederick County Public Schools.  I simply would not have the career that I have without my graduate degree.  Attending Hood College allowed me to meet professionals in the field, build friendships with the students around me, and develop a love for the Frederick community.  I have since bought a house in Frederick and have been enjoying myself exploring new restaurants, meeting new people, and attending fun events that the city has to offer!

What did you enjoy about Hood College? Do you have a favorite memory?

When I look back at my time spent at Hood College, I do not think of the long hours that I spent studying or the days that I spent researching new topics for an assignment.  When I think back to my time spent at Hood College, I think of the people that I've built relationships with along the way.  Between my roommates from undergrad, my close-knit friends who began the counseling program with me during graduate school, and the professors who have now turned into friends, when I think of Hood College, I think of all the people that I met there who I will forever cherish.

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