Capital Projects

Facilities Planning

The capital projects and facilities planning services offers a variety of professional and technical services to guide the campus in the use and development of campus facilities.

The Capital Projects Manager 

Capital project funding requests are submitted to the planning, budgeting and assessment committee annually for preliminary approval, before the Board of Trustees approves an annual capital budget each June. The facilities department creates the annual capital budget request for consideration by the senior team and committee. Requests for capital renovations, new construction, equipment and furniture purchases exceeding $5,000 should be provided to the facilities office by second Friday of December. Funding for capital budget each fiscal year is available on July 1 through June 30 for expensing, unless the project is designated a CIP (Construction in Progress) project that may span more than one fiscal year.

Project Request Form (RPF)

Departments needing assistance with requesting a capital project or a non-capital project that is not funded through the Capital Budget, should complete a Project Request Form (PRF). This form should detail the location, specific needs, any equipment needs, signed by the requestor and the provost or vice president and forwarded to facilities for estimating and scheduling.