Energy & Sustainability

Facilities management oversees the purchase of campus energy for natural gas and electric utilities.

Energy Conservation

In March 2011, the campus central heating plant boilers were shut down following the installation of new individual building boilers.

By March 2012, the real utilies savings in natural gas for the first year of operation a new, more energy efficient system realized cost savings of $350,000 and a natural gas savings of over 626,000 therms.

Energy Management

In 2011, the first energy management building automated system was installed allowing Facilities to monitor and control building temperatures for all four seasons, in part leading to the energy savings between 2011 and 2012, and continuing those savings on an annual basis.

The NIAGARA software is connected to most campus building heating and air-conditioning systems. Additional building controls are being added in 2015 to provide further monitoring of equipment and buidlng set-back temperatures for unoccupied periods overnight and during campus holiday breaks. These set-backs allow for additional responsible usage of energy resources.