Hood mom and daughter

Parents & Families of Prospective Students

Hood is here to offer a variety of resources and tips for families at various stages of their college search.

College Search Tips

  1. VISIT many types of schools. Narrow down your list, then go back and visit those you like again and again until your student is confident in their decision.
  2. APPLY early. The best opportunities for scholarships and admission are provided to those who apply early. The Common Application opens August 1. Hood begins sending admission decisions in mid-October each year.
  3. ADVOCATE. Get in touch and stay in touch with your admission counselor. These representatives will be the advocates for your student on campus, and if they know your student, can often be the first to hear about opportunities and scholarships that may apply to your student.

College Planning Worksheets

Being prepared to apply for college admission begins much earlier than the actual application. Colleges are looking for candidates who perform well consistently, or who show a record of steady improvement in courses. The most important thing to remember—you are more than one test score. We can guide you through the college admission process, starting with your student's first year in high school.