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Art & Archaeology, Archaeology Concentration (B.A.)

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About this Program

Much of our teaching takes place away from campus—in museums and galleries, at archaeological sites nearby, and in trips we take internationally.

Program Overview

Hood is unusual among small colleges in offering a concentration in archaeology. Archaeology students examine the art, artifacts and cultures of the ancient world, as well as the theories and field methods of archaeologists today.

One requirement of the archaeology concentration is a hands-on experience, either in the field on an archaeological project, or in a museum or archaeology lab as a student intern.

Hood students have participated in archaeological excavations in Europe, Asia, Central America and the United States. They have the opportunity to excavated with Hood's own archaeology professors, or with other accredited and approved projects; Hood supports a number of these opportunities with research funding.

The Archaeology Minor

Students majoring in a number of fields, including history, literature, foreign languages, philosophy, religious studies or the sciences, may wish to minor in archaeology, as it can complement the major field and introduce new areas of study. The minor is interdisciplinary, requiring coursework in archaeological methods, regional studies, ancient history and literature.

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Professor of Art & Archaeology


Visiting Assistant Professor of Art & Archaeology


Our faculty...

are experienced artists, art historians and archaeologists, with varied backgrounds.

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David Hixson

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Art and Archaeology