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About this Program

The study of literature fosters curiosity and critical thinking. It requires you to get outside of your intellectual comfort zone, to take risks and to be unafraid of approaching a question in a unique, creative way.

Program Overview

In the jobs of the future, the risk-takers and the innovative thinkers are the ones who will succeed. Employers in the 21st century demand an “adaptable and creative workforce.” They want to hire recent grads who can think critically and creatively, write and communicate well, and distill key concepts from complex ideas—and that’s exactly what our English majors learn.

What can you do with a degree in English? Better to ask what you can’t do: in learning how to think critically, write clearly and speak thoughtfully, you are prepared not for one specific and limited job, but rather for a career path that can respond to rapidly changing employment opportunities. Some of our majors pursue graduate degrees at major universities; others work in nonprofit corporations, publishing firms, law firms, theatre troupes and libraries. The small, student-focused classes we offer at Hood allow for the kind of faculty mentoring and references that help our graduates find careers that are not only successful but personally rewarding.

Hood’s English major offers three concentrations—literature, creative writing and theatre; all culminate in an intensely focused and collegial senior seminar that encourages students to enter more closely into the scholarly dialogues that interest them most.

English Concentrations

  • Creative Writing
  • Drama and Theater
  • Literature

Degrees Offered

  • BA

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Student Media

Join Blazer Radio, the Blue & Grey student newspaper, the Hood College Broadcasting team or other student-led organizations on campus.

Career Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 14 percent growth for media and communications occupations by 2030, faster than the national average.


Hood College offers a wide variety of scholarships and awards for English and communication arts majors.

Program Contact

Associate Professor of English


Career Advancement

You'll develop skills that are vital to careers in many fields, from journalism to public relations. You'll think critically and creatively.

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