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Program Overview

Speaking French has never been as important as it is today. There are currently more than 220 million French-speakers worldwide. That number is expected to hit 770 million by 2050. French is an international language of reference, one of the working languages of the United Nations. It is also one of the working languages of many international institutions such as the UNESCO, NATO, UNICEF, FIFA, IOC and more.

The benefit of understanding, speaking and writing French is clear. Competency in French can be useful for whatever career path you may choose. Our program prepares you for careers in teaching, government, nonprofit and international organizations. Entirely based on the use of the target language, our program helps you develop a fluency in French you can use throughout your life.

Students graduate with an excellent level of French language as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the cultures of the Francophone worldtheir literature, history, politics and philosophical development. We have a vibrant program with three professors and one young assistant from Paris; we are dedicated to helping students improve their skills in the language and beyond.

French majors have the opportunity to spend a semester or year in one of our partner universities in Paris, Toulouse or in Morocco. We offer a wide variety of internship opportunities through the French embassy in Washington, D.C., or while studying in France, at a French school,  museum, art gallery, human rights organization or culinary school. With the financial support of a grant from the college, selected students have an opportunity to work for a few weeks in the summer at the National library of France in Paris or in the archives of the Château de Versailles with one of their professors. The program has also invited acclaimed French writers and intellectuals to share their work on campus and in the classroom. Finally, students can live in the French House, a special residence where only French is spoken.

The French Minor

Students with a minor in French will learn about the French language and culture through a combination of courses designed to improve language skills and expose students to French civilization.

Degrees Offered

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Internship sites include the French Embassy, the Alliance Française in Washington, D.C., French TV Antenne 2, Linguamundi International, the CIEE Student Center in New York City and the U.S. Information Agency.

The French House

Immerse yourself in the language on campus at the French House, where residents communicate 100% in French.

Study Abroad

Spend a semester or year conducting research and exploring Paris.

Students have the opportunity to spend their Junior year abroad in Paris

Program Contact

Professor of French, Coordinator, French Major and Minor


Point of Pride

Our faculty have been chosen by the Modern Language Association as a "model of excellence" in foreign language teaching.

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