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President's Council on Transgender Inclusivity

The charge of the President's Council on Transgender Inclusivity is to explore, review and recommend best practices and policies that will affirm and support transgender students, faculty and staff at Hood College. 

We are here to improve inclusivity for everyone at Hood, with special focus on issues that affect transgender members of the community. This includes work on college policies and procedures, as well as advocating for transgender students, staff and faculty.

To learn basic gender terms, check out the Trans Student Educational Resources glossary

Here are some resources for faculty on being a good ally to trans students both in and outside the classroom. Faculty and staff can also consult this list of best practices for supporting trans students on campus.

Can you use public restrooms without fear of harassment or worse? If so, you might have cisgender privilege. Read this article to learn more.

For more information or to seek support for trans folx, contact:

Lisa Marcus and Lucky Hirschandez

Co-Chairs, President's Council on Transgender Inclusivity