Resolution and Values Pledge

Continuing the Legacy of Inclusivity: The Hood College Student Government Association
By Brielle Rozmus ’19 & Christian Hoch ’20 

Screen%20Shot%202019-04-08%20at%207.04.11%20AM.pngThe Hood College Student Government has set forth an overarching standard in our Inclusivity Resolution. We believe the resolution will foster a more inclusive space where students and faculty alike feel appreciated, respected and welcomed. When we, members of the Hood College community, live and abide by the resolution, we promote a close-knit community where we value everyone's unique cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

We understand that this resolution lays the foundation for a cohesive and mutual relationship with others at Hood. We believe that the resolution shall stand the test of time, offering future Hood students a reliable and noteworthy guideline to live by. The four pillars and the values they represent – Hope, Opportunity, Obligation and Democracy – are ingrained in the people who have been influenced by Hood.

The resolution is a reminder to challenge ourselves in all aspects of life; to thrive in all realms of education, to increase the willingness to learn, to enhance our collective yearning to be enveloped in new ideas and culture, and to strengthen our mutual respect for those around us who may be different, because in the end, we are all a part of the same Hood community.

We want the Hood College community to strive to be inviting and warm-hearted to all who may enter or interact with our campus. We urge community members to step outside their comfort zone, to make new discoveries and enrich the Hood College campus. The resolution should encourage those to stand up and be the voice for others when their voice isn’t heard. We hope this resolution inspires those to give back to our community, which has done so much for us. We hope this resolution will allow those to reflect on the beauty of what Hood has stood for since its founding in 1893. 

The Resolution

A Resolution Concerning: Hood College Community Standards

WHEREAS: All members of the Hood College community including students, faculty, staff, and visitors deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, and kindness; and,

WHEREAS: The founding principles of Hope, Opportunity, Obligation, and Democracy outline the expectations for the Hood College community; and,

WHEREAS: The Student Government Association defines Hope as the vision for an open and accepting community with all members working towards that vision; and,

WHEREAS: The Student Government Association defines Opportunity as the chance for all to live, think, and identify as they so choose with the respect of their peers, professors, and all other community members; and,

WHEREAS: The Student Government Association defines Obligation as the duty of all community members to treat and be treated with dignity and academic professionalism throughout all aspects of campus life; and,

WHEREAS: The Student Government Association defines Democracy as the ability for all members of the Hood Community to be represented fairly and without reprisals for their beliefs and identities; and,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That the Executive Body of the Hood College Student Government Association encourages the Hood College community to reflect upon the values listed above by engaging in open, respectful discourse, positive student action, and an understanding for your fellow community members in any and all campus settings.


  • Brielle Rozmus '19
    HCSGA President


  • The Hood College Executive Board 2018-19

Members of HCSGA Executive Board

  • President: Brielle Rozmus ’19
  • Vice President: Christian Hoch ’20
  • Academic Affairs Chair: Elias Nicholson ’19
  • Campus Facilities and Services Chair: Makhalia Aiken ’20
  • House Forum Chair: Colin Williams ’19
  • Finance Chair: Mark Searles ’19
  • Traditions Chair: Lily Bean ’21
  • Diversity Chair: Jayden Barrick ’19
  • Public Relations Chair: Gina Sterling ’20
  • Commuter Council Chair: Elizabeth Haney ’22
  • Speaker of the Senate: Iqra Rafiq  ’21
  • HCSGA Advisor: Dean Olivia White