How Elections Work

Each spring and fall semester, the HCSGA hosts elections for the HCSGA student senate, HCSGA executive board and Hood Class Councils. The spring semester is the main election for these three different elected bodies. All positions are open for election and re-election each year. For class councils, only members of that specific class can vote for their class council representatives. Both senate and exec positions can be voted for by any and all undergraduate students. In order to run for class council, those representatives must be in good academic standing and must be a member of that specific class. For senate and exec, students must adhere to the qualifications and expectations set forth in the HCSGA constitution and must be in good academic standing. The majority of executive positions require a year served in the HCSGA senate, although there are a few exceptions as listed in the constitution. The president of the HCSGA must have served on the HCSGA executive board for a minimum of one year prior to running for the position of president.

Candidates will fill out an election packet and will be notified by the elections chair in regards to if they are viable as an official candidate and if so, when they can start campaigning and the official timeline of elections for that year. The elections chair will set the current elections guidelines, rules, dates and expectations of the current election.

The fall election will be used to fill any remaining senate, exec and class council positions that are not filled in the spring as well as the elections for the incoming first-year class.

Available Positions

HCSGA Senate

  • Senators-at-Large

Class Council (varies per class)

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Voting Instructions

The elections chair will notify the student body when elections will take place and will clarify the periods for both campaigning and voting. Voting instructions will be emailed to the school email of all undergraduate students.