Programs & Courses

The Hood College Center for Computer Security and Information Assurance (CCSIA) in coordination with the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, serves as the focal point of the College's cybersecurity curricular offerings, with the following academic programs.

Master of Science in Cybersecurity

The Master of Science in Cybersecurity provides students with comprehensive cybersecurity education and will produce graduates with the knowledge and skills required to fill advanced technical and management positions in cybersecurity. The program addresses the core subject areas and skill sets identified in the Cybersecurity Workforce Framework by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS). 

Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

The Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity is the first step in developing a cadre of skilled information security specialists and astute information security managers. This certificate program is designed to be further integrated into additional graduate study toward the Master of Science in Information Technology or the Master of Science in Computer Science.  The certificate requires the completion of three core courses: CYBR 534 Network & Internet Security, CYBR 548 Telecommunications & Networking, CYBR 555 Information Systems Security, and two electives from the Cybersecurity program.

  • Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity site (from the Hood College Catalog)

4PLUS B.A. & B.S./Master of Science in Cybersecurity

The 4PLUS program is designed for highly motivated students who have the desire to build career options into their undergraduate curriculum and earn a master's degree in Cybersecurity. Hood College students from all majors are eligible to participate in a 4PLUS program that allows for a combined, and in some cases accelerated, master’s degree in Cybersecurity after the completion of their undergraduate program. The program is especially relevant to computer science majors, but it is also available to students from other disciplines.