Programs & Courses


Master of Science in Cybersecurity

The Master of Science in Cybersecurity provides students with a comprehensive cybersecurity education and will produce graduates with the knowledge and skills required to fill advanced technical and management positions in cybersecurity. The program addresses the core subject areas and skill sets identified in the Cybersecurity Workforce Framework by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS). Learn more about the MS in cybersecurity.

Certificate in Information Security

The Graduate Certificate in Information Security is the first step in developing a cadre of skilled information security specialists and astute information security managers. Fourteen competency areas have been identified as part of the Information Technology essential body of knowledge and these areas are covered coherently in this program of study. This certificate program is designed to be further integrated into additional graduate study toward the Master of Science in Information Technology or the Master of Science in Computer Science. Learn more about the Certificate in Information Security. 

Cyber Blazers Cybersecurity Competition Team

As members of the Cyber Blazers competition team, students apply their technical skills, expertise, knowledge and ethics to solve problems and compete in cybersecurity competitions. The Cyber Blazers team meets regularly and practices in our Cybersesurity Lab. The team is open to undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in developing high level defensive and offensive cyber skills. Our team participates in various cybersecurity competitions, though students who join the team are not required to compete. Learn more about the Cyber Blazers.