Our Facilities

DEC PDP-8Things have changed a lot since we acquired our first academic computer, a DEC PDP-8 shown in the photograph, more than four decades ago.

Today, the department is located in the Hodson Science and Technology Center, which provides up-to-date labs, classrooms, seminar rooms and comfortable study spaces; and computer science classes make use of a dedicated Linux lab and a research and projects facility. Computer science students also have access to public Windows-based PC laboratories on campus, including five in Hodson. Departmental servers can be accessed from all campus labs, from dorm rooms, and from off campus. The Information Assurance Lab of the CCSIA has dedicated resources for classes in forensics and network security. The campus provides wireless Internet access in academic, residential, and administrative buildings.

The computer labs are generally open on weekends and there is 24-hour access to the servers. The College provides wireless access to the campus network in selected locations, including the Whitaker Campus Center and most areas in Hodson.

Campus computing facilities are administered by the Hood College Information Technology department. 

Students intending to study computer science are strongly encouraged to bring their own computer to campus. Notebook computers may be used for note taking in classes.

Through a contract arrangement with Microsoft Education Division, students currently taking courses at the department can obtain most Microsoft software products for free for academic purposes.