Senior Projects Showcase


Joshua Clemens, Cory Watson
"A Visualization of Honeypot Activity"
Prof G. Dimitoglou:
Abstract: This project was developed to study the activity of malicious attacks on a variety of platforms. We accomplished this by creating a honeypot server, consisting of: a SSH honeypot, Kippo, a HTTP honeypot, Glastopf, and a Windows Server honeypot, Amun. Log parsing scripts were developed to extract meaningful information from the raw log files generated by our honeypot. We then created a web-application to use as a dashboard to visualization this information.

Karen J. Canas Hernandez, Jacob W. Denion, Afton J. Woodring
"Web-enabled Repository & Note-taker Scheduling System Revision"
Prof E. Chang:
Abstract: The system being developed is a web-based repository and note-taker scheduling system. Its goal is to replace an older, ineffective, manual process. The web-enabled database will provide an automated and more efficient process as it will allow the note takers to upload the documents where the students can easily access them. The system will only be usable by those that have been deemed as note-viewers, note-takers, and administrators. While this system is being designed for a specific instance, it could be generalized to fit the needs of other departments that have need of a note taking application with a database.