Lab School FAQs

Hood Lab School is proud to announce our partnership with Georgetown Hill Early School for the 2019-20 school year.  

Georgetown Hill Early School was founded in 1980 and has served Montgomery County with a play-based curriculum rooted in research, written by the founder, Ellen Cromwell.  Georgetown Hill operates as a 501(c )3 Nonprofit organization. 

Learn more about Georgetown Hill Early School.

What benefits will Georgetown Hill add to the Hood College Lab School?

  • We will extend our operating hours to serve working families as well as students. We will be open 7a.m.-6 p.m.
  • We will now offer morning and afternoon snacks. 
  • We will now offer onsite specials of P.E., Music, and Spanish included in curriculum. 
  • We will now offer a parent communication app for realtime updates to families. 
  • We will now have a healthy body, healthy minds focus– for both students and employees!
  • We will now have access to a over 250 educators in the early childhood community. 

What won't change about the Hood College Lab School?

  • We will maintain our Onica Prall Child Development Center Mission and Philosophy.
  • We will still have educational programs for children ages 3 and 4. 
  • We will still serve student learners and teachers with hands on work experience. 
  • We will still have qualified early educators who work with both children and college students. 
  • We will remain on Hood campus in the Onica Prall child development center. 
  • We will still provide care for Hood faculty, staff and students. 

Why did we choose to partner with Georgetown Hill?

  • With 40 years of experience in Montgomery County (Maryland), Georgetown Hill has the longevity to truly be “time tested” in this industry. 
  • Georgetown Hill operates in multiple federal centers, so they are experts in partnering with larger entities to provide affordable quality care. 
  • Georgetown Hill has lower teacher turnover than almost anyone in the industry, with less than 10% per year! Their motto is Happy Teachers = Happy Children = Happy Parents
  • Georgetown Hill gives back. Not only are they nonprofit, but they support our mission and vision with community partnerships, sponsorships, and giving. 
  • Georgetown Hill values educated teachers and offers great benefits to their employees.