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Accessibility Services

The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) provides academic accommodations, education, consultation, and advocacy support for qualified students with disabilities at Hood College.  

Getting Started with the Office of Accessibility Services  

If you need academic accommodations for a disability while at Hood College, you'll be working with the staff at the Office of Accessibility Services. Our office works cooperatively with other College departments to provide accommodations for students' academic and residential settings. 

Step 1:

Review the Accessibility Services website to answer any questions, find forms, review documentation guidelines and policies.

Step 2: 

Review specific process for Academic and/or Housing Accommodations (see drop-downs below)

Step 3:

Register with Accessibility Services Office. There are multiple registration forms. If you are requesting specific services that fall under multiple categories then you will need to fill out multiple registration forms.

Newly admitted Hood College students or a current Hood student requesting academic accommodations:

2023-24 Academic Accommodation Registration Form (please note if you need accommodations for Summer 2023 sessions I or II, otherwise the assumption is that you are requesting for Fall)

Newly admitted Hood College students or a current Hood student requesting housing accommodations:

2023-24 Housing Accommodation Registration Form for Housing Accommodations to begin Fall 2023

Newly admitted Hood College students or a current Hood student requesting an assistance animal (service or emotional support):

2023-2024 Assistance Animal Registration Form (for Service or Emotional Support Animal) to begin Fall 2023

Prospective Students & Families see drop-down below.

Academic Accommodation Documentation Guidelines:

Disability Verification Form --can be submitted based on disability specific guidelines

Housing Accommodation Documentation Guidelines

Housing Accommodation Forms: Required even if you have / are also requesting academic accommodations

Housing Accommodation Form 

Housing Accommodation Form (with attached form for Assistance Animal)

Policy and Guidelines for Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

Temporary Accommodations: Acute Concussion Evaluation Care Plan


Once an enrolled student, all email communication is sent to the student Hood email only. 

We look forward to working with you!

Contact Information Academic Accommodations:

Phone: 301-696-3421
Confidential Fax #: 301-696-3952

Contact Information Housing Accommodations


*Questions regarding housing room placement, building assignments, housing contract, or meal plans, email: Residence Life at

How long will it take to receive my academic accommodation plan? 
It takes time for Accessibility Services staff to review all submitted documentation and create an Academic Accommodation Plan. Once the registration form and submitted documentation are both received, the request is viewed as complete, and Accessibility Services staff will review for an Academic Accommodation Plan.  

In non-peak times, it will take 1-2 business weeks to receive your plan.  

Review during peak times of the year will delay the receipt of your plan, which can take up to 4-6 weeks.  

Peak times of year (applies to academic & housing requests) 

Fall semester: August 1 to the third week of fall semester 
Spring semester: January 5 to the third week of spring semester 
Summer Sessions: A request should be made at least 3 weeks before the start of a summer session to receive an Academic Accommodation Plan by the 1st day of a summer session course 

Requests are reviewed only during Accessibility Services Office Business Hours:  

Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m.-5p.m.  
Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4p.m. 

*During scheduled breaks & summer: hours of operation may vary. 

Accessibility Services Inquiry Form: Prospective Students & Families

Prospective Students can contact the Office of Accessibility Services during the enrollment process to request a meeting or to ask questions.   

Disclosing your disability in the application process is not required. Applying for academic & housing accommodations is a separate and confidential process through the Office of Accessibility Services office once a student deposits and enrolls at Hood College.  In addition, documentation will not be requested, and please do NOT submit any documentation. It will not be reviewed and kept by the Office of Accessibility Services until admitted and enrolled as a student at Hood College.  

If reasonable accommodations are needed during the admissions process, including ASL Interpreters, accessible documentation (i.e. Braille) or for mobility concerns, please indicate accessibility needs on the Inquiry form. 

If you are touring within 5 business days of completing this formplease contact the Office of Accessibility Services at immediately.  Due to short notice, Accessibility Services staff will try to make sure accommodations can be met within the shorter timeframe. You can also request your Hood College Admissions Counselor contact the Office of Accessibility Services with specific accessibility needs during a campus tour. 


Foreign Language Substitution Policy and Guidelines 

In some cases, students with documented learning disabilities or other health impairments (e.g. vision or hearing) will not be required to take foreign language classes; they will be offered a substitution option. This is not an “exemption” or waiver of credit requirements. Instead, these students will be required to take other courses to meet the foreign language requirement and fulfill credit requirements for graduation. 

In order to qualify for a foreign language substitution, a student must have completed a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation within the last 3 years (or during 9th to 12th grade).  The results must address the student’s ability to successfully complete a foreign language course, specifically 

Required Documentation: 

  • Comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation (completed by a psychologist) 

  • Comprehensive evaluation and report completed by an audiologist or ophthalmologist 

**An IEP or 504 (or private school accommodation plan) may be provided, but a student must have one of the above documents submitted for the request to be considered. If an IEP or 504 are submitted with no other documentation, the request will not be reviewed. ** 

The Office of Accessibility Services will review all documentation in order to determine whether a student request will be approved.   

Timeline for Requests 

Request and approval must be made during the Summer (once the student has an assigned academic advisor), Fall or Spring of their 1st year. 


  1. Transfer students entering with sophomore standing. 

  1. Students who have received a new diagnosis made with current testing that would allow a student with sophomore or junior standing to be considered. In the case of a junior standing, the possibility of a student’s graduation date changing would be discussed if applicable.  

A student that transfers in with an A.A. degree does not need to meet the foreign language core requirement.  

Process students must follow: 

  1. Student contacts the Office of Accessibility Services, completes Part 1 of form and submits all required documentation. 

  1. Office of Accessibility Services will send a documentation confirmation email to the student when Part 1 form request and all required documentation is received. 

  1. Office of Accessibility Services will schedule a meeting with the student and academic advisor to review the request and issue a decision within two weeks of the student confirmation email. 

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