Placement Testing for Incoming Students

Hood College offers placements in English composition, mathematics and global language to determine the starting course level for new students. These placements are not used to determine a student's admission to Hood, but instead are used to determine the level at which they should begin your academic work.

You cannot register for math, English, or foreign language coursework without a placement.

If you are an incoming student who has taken college coursework that you are transferring to Hood (as a transfer student or a Dual Enrollment high school student), you may be exempt from those corresponding placement tests. Please reach out to your advisor or Student Success ( for clarification.

If you are a high school student who is currently in an AP or Dual Enrollment course, you still need to take the placement tests so that you can register for classes. If your scores/grades affect your placement, you can always adjust your schedule.

The placement tests can be found in Blackboard ( under a course titled "New Student Advising and Placement." It is best to log into Blackboard from a computer, but a tablet can work as well. It is not advised to take your placements from a cell phone. Your Blackboard login is your Hood email and password.

From the Blackboard landing page, you will want to select "Courses" on the left side.

Blackboard landing page


Your courses may be in list or image form. Select "New Student Advising and Placement."

Course selection from list
Course image

Once you are in the course, you can select the placements tests from the left side menu. Clicking on those links will provide you with INSTRUCTIONS so that you can then prepare for and take the placement tests.

Placement test links