Academic Resources

New Student Academic Resources

Welcome to Hood College!

Each new incoming first-year and transfer student will experience new academic and life responsibilities while balancing the high demands of college life.  We’re here to help you navigate your first semester (and other semesters) as a college student here at Hood!  Here is a list of academic tips you can explore to help you succeed in the classroom: 

Get Organized 

  • School Supplies 
    To-do: Buy or collect classroom supplies 

  1. Academic Supplies Checklist

  2. School Supplies Online 

  • Review Syllabi
    To-do: Organize all information in a calendar

  1. Write down all assignment, quiz, test, and paper due dates

  2. FREE academic planner provided by the Office of Student Success

  3. Other recommended resources:
    Office 365 calendar, Google calendar, desk calendar, white board

Attend Regularly

  • Create a weekly routine 
    To-do: Create a routine each day

  1. Each Sunday night - plan out your upcoming week in detail 

  • Choose effective habits
    To-do: Be present in class

  1. Arrive to class five minutes early

  2. Keep your phone and distractions in your bag


  • With professors
    To-do: Visit office hours 

  1. Office hours are typically listed on the syllabus

  2. If not, email the instructor to ask what day and time works best

  • Using email
    To-do: Check your Hood email account at least 2x per day

  1. Here at Hood, we use email to relay ALL information

  2. Think of your Hood email account as your new way of communicating daily

Use Resources

  • Tutoring 
    To-do: Schedule unlimited FREE tutoring appointments

  1. Tutoring is offered to Hood students free of charge and is available in many different subject areas across campus.
    How do I schedule a tutoring appointment? access tutoring through the "academic tutoring and writing support" link in Blackboard courses under "Tools" menu.

  2. Writing Center:  The Writing Center staff can help students with papers for any course and with nonacademic papers, such as scholarship applications. Peer tutors will work with students who need help getting started on a paper or improving a paper’s grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, organization, spelling and documentation. Students needing support can schedule free tutoring sessions through the tutoring link in Blackboard (see above).
    Contact the Student Success Center

  3. Math Center: The Math Center is available for students needing extra help with their math classes. Students needing math support can schedule free tutoring sessions through the tutoring link in Blackboard (see above). Contact the Student Success Center

  • Academic Coaching Sessions
    To-do:  Schedule FREE academic coaching sessions 

  1. Students may meet with staff (listed below) from the Office of Student Success to discuss a personal academic success plan.  Undergraduate students are encouraged to visit the office or schedule an individual session.

  2. Lisa Copenhaver, Director of Student Success

  3. Gretchen Nonemaker, Student Success Coach

  • Do you need to discuss accommodations?
    Contact the Office of Accessibility Services

  1. Getting Started with the Office of Accessibility Services  
    If you need disability accommodations while at Hood College, you'll be working with Kate Gmuer, Director of Accessibility Services. Our office works cooperatively with other College departments to provide accommodations for students' academic and residential settings.  Looking for more information on Accessibility Services? Click here

Continue Academic Success

  • Ask for help
    To-do: If you need assistance, seek appropriate resources 

  1. Health & Counseling Services

  2. Student Success Center
  3. Additional links

  • Create healthy relationships
    To-do: Get involved in student life on-campus

  1. Join a club or organization 

  2. Attend athletic events. Go Blazers!

  3. Residence Life involvement

  4. Commuting? Click here

  5. Spiritual Life

  6. International Student Services

  7. Civic Engagement

  • Enhance academic experience
    To-do: Attend academic events regularly

  1. Study abroad

  2. Campus events

  3. Academic & Research Centers