Reverse Transfer to Earn Your Associate Degree  

If you transferred to Hood before completing an associate degree at a community college, you may be eligible to Reverse Transfer. 

 Reverse Transfer is the process by which students may complete their associate degree requirements while working toward a bachelor's degree at Hood. If you started at a community college but didn't complete your associate degree, you can send transcripts to your previous community college showing the classes you've taken at Hood to meet the associate degree requirements. This program works with any Maryland community college. If you are currently enrolled at Hood and interested in Reverse Transfer you should discuss it with your advisor and have your transcripts evaluated by the Registrar at the community college to determine if you have met the associate degree requirements or to identify classes that would complete those requirements. 

Why earn an Associate Degree? 
Earning an associate degree is an important milestone in a student's academic career, as well as an important credential to have that can boost a student's resume and assist in landing better job opportunities, and smooths the path into the major requirements. Many employers value the associate degree as a demonstrated commitment to achieving both educational goals and long-term career success. Students transferring with an associate degree from a Maryland community college may be exempt from the majority of the general education core requirements at Hood. To find out more about this, please see the Core Requirements section of the catalog or email

Who is eligible? 

To be eligible for reverse transfer, a student must have transferred from a Maryland community college to Hood College and meet the following criteria: 

  • Completed at least 15 credit hours prior to transferring to the Hood College. 
  • Be in good academic standing at both the Maryland community college and Hood College with a grade point average of 2.0 or higher. 
  • Have not previously been awarded either an associate's or bachelor's degree. 

How to participate? 
Each Maryland community college has their own established procedures. Please contact the community college directly for more information. In general, the student should: 

  1. Notify the Registrar's Office at the Maryland community college where you previously attended and are interested in applying for the reverse transfer associate degree. 
  2. Request that your official transcript be sent from Hood College to the community college in which you are applying for the reverse transfer associate degree. All Hood College transcript orders may be placed via Self-Service (no log-in necessary) or National Student Clearinghouse.
  3. The community college will determine if you are eligible for reverse transfer and will contact you with their decision. 
  4. Request that an official transcript from the transfer institution be sent directly to the Registrar’s Office at Hood College with a notation the associate degree (A.A., A.S., or A.A.T.) was awarded.

Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) Video on Credit When It's Due/Reverse Transfer 
The MHEC has created a video to provide students with additional information regarding Credit When It's Due/Reverse Transfer in the State of Maryland. 

Please review Reverse Transfer information on the website of the community college where you previously attended and contact the community college directly with questions regarding the process for participating. Questions regarding how reverse transfer will benefit you at the Hood College may be directed to your academic advisor or the registrar's office: