Psychology-Related Links

The following are psychology-related links (listed in alphabetical order) reviewed and recommended by the Hood College faculty. 

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Nothing here is meant to replace professional advice or care from a licensed mental health practitioner. 

American Psychological Association (APA) 
This link is to the American Psychology Association. This organization has approximately 130,000 members and 50 divisions with a wide variety of subspecialties. Within this link you will find a lot of information concerning both academic and applied issues in psychology. 

American Psychological Society (APS) 
The American Psychological Society has more than 10,000 members and is the largest general psychology organization focusing mainly on research. This link provides individuals with access to a plethora of information on teaching and research. One especially helpful feature is a link to many psychology department Web sites. 

A Memory Artist: An Artist Paints His Childhood: 
This fascinating site does a masterful job of combining visual art and cognitive psychology. At this site you will learn about Franco Magnani who was born in Italy but moved to the United States as a child. This self-taught artist paints pictures of Italy from memory. By comparing the artist's painting to actual photographs, the developers of the site are able to demonstrate both strengths and limitation of human memory. 

Association for Death Education and Counseling
This is the home site for the Association of Death Education and Counseling. Information is available about the field of thanatology, journals, certification and other important information.

Behavioral Analysis Resources 
Are you interested in the experimental analysis of behavior? If "Yes," then this is the site for you! Highlights of this location include a review of behavioral terminology, a link to the B. F. Skinner Foundation and a link to the Association for Behavioral Analysis.

Careers in Psychology 
Dr. Margaret (Marky) Lloyd has put together an impressive Web site dedicated to answering questions about post-collegiate careers in psychology. Links to exploring career-related abilities and entry-level jobs for psychology majors make this site a popular destination for students. 

Center for the Study of Group Processes 
This interesting site is based out of the Center for the Study of Group Processes located at the sociology department at the University of Iowa. While offering interesting links to numerous social psychology Web sites, it most useful feature is it online electronic journal, Current Research in Social Psychology. 

Center for Neuro Skills 
Information from one of the most respected brain rehabilitation facilities in the United States, The Center for Neuro Skills, is provided here. Highlights at this site include a brain injury map, mild head injury checklist and a pharmacology guide to the most commonly prescribed medications following TBI.

Divisions of the American Psychological Association 
The American Psychological Association currently consists of areas of specialization referred to as "divisions." In this informative site you will find descriptions of all current divisions, from Division 1: General Psychology to Division 51: The Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity. 

The Electronic Zoo 
This site contains a wealth of information pertaining to veterinary medicine and animals—both wild and domestic.

Evolutionary Psychology for the Common Person 
This colorful site addresses the field of evolutionary psychology across many levels. It offers a nice overall review of the field including an interesting essay concerning the question, "What is Evolutionary Psychology?" It also contains a well-developed recommended readings section which, in conjunction with, allows the visitor the ability to order the text directly from the site.

Freud: The Library of Congress Exhibit 
This fascinating site contains items found in the United States Library of Congress exhibit on Sigmund Freud. Want to see a copy of Freud's birth certificate? (It's there!) Freud's engagement picture? (It's there!). An early sketch of his "sexualschema" concept? (It's there!) A telegram concerning his visit to America (It's there!) A memo in which he questions his own seduction theory? (You guessed it!)

Gareth and Peter's SIRDS pages 
In addition to providing the user a chance to view some great Single Random Dot Stereograms (SIRDS) like an Escher Knot and the Starship Enterprise, this United Kingdom site also provides lots of links to other SIRD-related web pages. 

Gerontological Society of America 
Multidisciplinary society for professionals in the field of aging. Focuses on promoting the scientific study of aging.

HealthEmotions Research Institute 
This University of Wisconsin Institute uses its Web site to promote its neuroscience-based studies of the relationship between positive emotions and health. The site included information on the relationship between positive emotions and health as well as the institute's history, its mission and its latest research projects, plus employment and training opportunities there. 

Introduction to Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology 
A short video (04:12) created by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology providing an introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology and details about job opportunities. 

Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction 
This site, dedicated to pioneering sex research Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956), contains some of the most current research on sexual behavior in the world. The multiple award winning site allow access to research and publications, library and special collections, and links to other resources. 

Maryland Psychological Association 
A task force has been established to develop this new site. The site is geared primarily toward current and potential M.P.A. member interests. 

Minnesota Raptor Center 
The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota provides medical treatment for injured birds of prey. This Web site includes general information about birds of prey, raptor images, raptor audio and educational projects.

Neurosciences on the Internet 
This site is an index of neuroscience resources available online. It covers information on neurobiology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, psychology, neurological diseases and cognitive science.

Online Psychological Services 
This impressive site is loaded with information of interest to both mental health professionals and patients. Highlights include a bookstore link and descriptions of over 250 mental health problems.

Powers of Persuasion 
This unique, award winning site uses posters from World War II is illustrate the potential power of persuasion through propaganda. The posters and their accompanying captions are divided into two basic categories; 1) those used to incite American patriotism and 2) those used to incite negative feelings towards the Nazis and their Allies.

Psychology Careers (info provided by Psychology Degree Online website)
There are many psychology career paths, although they tend to fall into three broad paths. Counseling focuses on treating disorders and mental health problems; education includes both teaching and working in a school environment; and assorted non-clinical specialties involve research and consulting on particular topics, such as criminal justice.

Psychology Research on the Net 
This American Psychological Society site offers you the opportunity to be a subject in numerous online experiments in the fields of sensation and perception, social, cognitive and developmental psychology. 

Sexual Orientation: Science, Education, and Policy 
This in-depth site features work by Dr. Gregory Herek, noted authority on antigay prejudice (or homophobia), hate crimes and AIDS stigma. A few of the more detailed discussion areas include gay people in the military, facts about gay men and lesbians, homophobia and stopping anti-gay hate crimes. 

Social Psychology Network 
This highly informative link (based at Wesleyan University) provides access to a ton of information of interest to social psychologists including: a rank-ordered list of U.S. Ph.D. graduate programs in psychology, home pages of some social psychologists and access to other sites dedicated to social psychology. 

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology 
This site is the home page of The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the official newsletter of the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology. In addition to providing back issues of the newsletter, the page has links to numerous other I/O related sites around the world, a graduate school handbook and job/grant information.

Some scholarships for Psych Majors (information provided by website) 
Lists a number of scholarships that psychology undergraduate and graduate students can apply for. The main site provides additional information and resources as well. There is an emphasis on online college programs. 

Sports Psychology 
Sports psychology is one of the newer academic areas in psychology. This Mintools-based site contains a great overview for any students interested in this developing field. Highlights of the link include Goal Setting for Motivation and Self-Confidence, Imagery & Simulation, Focus & Flow - How to Achieve Perfect Concentration, and Getting Into Sport Psychology. 

Stanford Prison Experiment 
This unique site, created by Philip Zimbardo, presents an in-depth review of the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment, which Zimbardo conducted in the 1970s. One of the highlights is a slide show of some of the more memorable events of the study. 

Today in Psychology 
What happened today in the history of psychology? Browse this site to find out! 

Whole Brain Atlas
Located at Harvard University, this informative and interactive site offers an exhaustive visual review of the human brain. Highlights include "Top 100 brain structures" and a "Name That Brain Structure" game.