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Studies in Women & Gender (Minor)

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About this Program

The studies in women and gender program at Hood examines the experience of gender and the status of women cross-culturally and historically.

Program Overview

Gender categories do not exist in isolation, but intersect with race, ethnicity, nationality, class, sexuality, age and other social categories to shape identities and institutions. The program provides an analytical framework for students to examine gender across disciplines and in their own lives.

Program Contact

Assistant Professor of Social Work


Degrees Offered

  • Minor

Our faculty...

are committed teachers and mentors.

All Faculty
Paige Eager

Paige Eager

  • Professor of Political Science
  • Dean of the Faculty
  • Director, Center for Global Studies
  • Program Director, Global Studies Major
Janis Judson

Janis Judson

  • Professor of Political Science
  • Professor of Law & Criminal Justice
  • Law & Criminal Justice Department Chair

Shannon Kundey

  • Professor of Psychology, Department Chair
  • Co-Director, Hood Honors Program
Lisa Marcus

Lisa Algazi Marcus

  • Professor of French
  • Co-Director, Hood Honors Program
  • Director, Studies on Women and Gender (SWAG)
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Tamelyn Tucker-Worgs

Tamelyn Tucker-Worgs

  • Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Chair, Department of Political Science
  • Associate Professor of African American Studies
  • Virginia E. Lewis Professor of Political Science