Communication Services

Campus safety switchboard operators provide for the safety and well-being of Hood College students, faculty, staff and property by supplementing the efforts of campus safety officers. 

Daily Duties:

  • Operate the communications center of the Office of Campus Safety, including answering telephones, two-way radios and campus blue phones in oftentimes stressful situations.
  • Document activities and actions of campus safety officers, including building opening and closing times, safety transports and escorts, building let-ins and other campus safety services.
  • Monitor campus alarm systems and direct officers’ response to same. Notify local police and fire officials when necessary. Monitor police and fire department scanner for activity occurring in the College area.
  • Assist officers’ field efforts by accessing computerized campus information.
  • Maintain lost and found property turned over to campus safety.
  • Serve as a receptionist/resource person for walk-ins needing information, directions or other types of customer service.