Parking Policy

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Vehicle Registration

Faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to register their vehicle with the Office of Campus Safety. Registration is free of charge. To complete the registration process, log into “Self Service,” print an email confirmation of the receipt and bring it to the Communications Center in Whitaker Campus Center, where you'll be issues a parking permit.

All parking permits are hang style and should be displayed by hanging from the rearview mirror of the vehicle. Faculty, staff and contractor permits are valid for one year, as long as the vehicle user is employed by Hood. All students parking permits are valid for one year. All permits should be renewed annually. The permit should be returned to the Office of Campus Safety prior to the sale or trade of any vehicle, or upon separation from the College.

Visitor Permits

Visitor parking permits are available at the Communications Center. Individual visitor permits are issued as temporary and includes an established expiration. Faculty, staff and students should advise their guests of visitor parking permits, which are required for parking on campus. Visitor permits are also forwarded electronically to departmental administrative assistants to issue to visitors prior to their arrival and are available upon request for faculty and staff by campus safety. Faculty and staff members coordinating workshops, programs or other events that require large scale on-campus parking needs should make special arrangements with the campus safety prior to their events. Visitors parking on campus between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m. are not required to obtain a visitor’s pass.


Individuals violating the regulations listed below will be issued parking citations. Fines are paid at the accounting office. Persons not paying their fine within 14 days of issuance are subject to a $2 late fee. Such fines may impact the registrar’s office release of grades and registration opportunities for returning students who have not paid their fines from the previous semester. The registrar’s office may also withhold diplomas and official transcripts for graduating students. Faculty and staff who receive multiple unpaid parking citations will be subject to the loss of parking privileges on Hood property. Campus safety officers are not authorized to revoke, rescind or alter any ticket. Violations and fines are listed below.


  • Failure to display permit: $25
  • Vehicle permit expired: $25
  • Improper resident permit: $25
  • Improper commuter permit: $25
  • Vehicle parked in reserved parking:$25
  • Vehicle parked in handicapped parking: $55
  • Vehicle parked on the grass: $25
  • Vehicle parked improperly: $25

Parking Citation Appeals

Although many drivers who receive parking tickets automatically appeal them, there are a limited number of legitimate reasons for granting a parking ticket appeal. If your appeal does not fall within one of the categories below, it may not be granted.

  • Ticket was issued incorrectly
  • A real hardship or emergency existed and you were unable to contact campus safety 
  • Legitimate visitors - one warning
  • No exceptions for handicapped parking, fire lane or loading dock violations
  • Permit could not be seen, but was there
  • Inclement weather conditions

Faculty, staff and students have the right to contest a citation through a “Letter of Appeal” addressed to the chief of campus safety or his/her designee. The appeal must be submitted via email within two weeks of the date of the offense. A Hood College citation is a notice of privately sanctioned penalties which do not release you from possible state citations and penalties received from any other parking enforcement entity.

NOTE: Every appeal is subject to a verification of the facts. All appeals must be filed within 14 days of issuance. After that time, the right to appeal is forfeited.


The College has the authority to remove a vehicle, by towing or otherwise, to an established garage or parking lot for storage if the vehicle is unauthorized, unregistered or parked in violation of parking regulations. Parking restrictions include blocking walks, crosswalks, driveways, loading zones, fire lanes and fire hydrants. Restrictions also include impeding the normal flow of traffic, parking on grass or other unpaved areas, and parking where prohibited by a posted sign, line or curb. An attempt will be made to contact the owner or driver before a tow truck is called, if time permits. The owner will be liable for the cost of removal and storage, and until payment of such cost, the garage or storage lot may retain possession of the vehicle subject to a fine for the amount due.

Once a tow truck company has been contacted, the owner or driver of the vehicle is responsible for towing charges. Hood College is not responsible for any damage incurred during towing or storage of any vehicle.

Damage to Vehicles

The College is not responsible for damage or theft of vehicles or articles left in vehicles, including any damage due to weather-related incidents. On occasion, Campus Safety officers or other College personnel are asked to assist with a disabled or secured vehicle. Hood College employees cannot be held responsible for damage, which may occur while assisting motorists. Please report any vandalism or theft to the Office of Campus Safety or to the Communication Center immediately.

Note: When parking on campus, you must utilize designated parking spaces – those between two solid white lines.

Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Given the 24/7 nature of campus life, the number of vehicles on campus and the number of available parking spaces fluctuate throughout the day and evening. There is no guarantee of the availability of a parking space or that the space available will be in the area closest to your destination. Additional parking can typically be found on the streets surrounding the College. When parking in the surrounding community, be courteous and respectful of neighbors. Do not block driveways or park in such a way as to inhibit another driver’s ability to maneuver in or out of a parking space. Whether parking on or off campus, pay attention to all parking signs, especially those that identify restricted or reserved spaces, fire lanes and no parking areas. Hood College does not have parking jurisdiction in the community. Frederick City Police Department will ticket and/or tow vehicles at the owner’s expense.