Testing Center

The testing center administers accommodated tests for a Hood College student with an approved academic accommodation for use of the testing center and/or testing accommodations. In reflection of the colleges New Horizon Plan we are prioritizing testing center needs for students taking in person classes and/or living on campus.

Hours of Operation 

The Student Success Center is operational: 

Monday - Friday, 8:30a.m. - 5p.m. 

*During scheduled breaks and summer, hours of operation may vary. 


Testing Center Slots 

9a.m., Monday - Friday

1:30p.m., Monday - Thursday 

Please sign up for your upcoming test using the following link: 

Testing Center Sign - Up Form

By submitting and signing the sign-up form you are acknowledging you have read the policies and procedures and that you understand that any violation of the Honor Code will cause you to lose your testing privileges in the testing center. 

Please note: A student request must be scheduled three (3) business days before the date of the class test. A walk-in is not allowed.

The following are students’ responsibilities when it comes to scheduling exams in the testing center:

  • A student requesting to test in the testing center must have an Academic Accommodation plan in place for the current semester. They must meet with faculty to discuss all accommodations.
  • Students should schedule exams at least three business days in advance.
  • Students should schedule the exam on the day the class test is scheduled.

With the exceptions of:

  • The student has more than two tests on the scheduled test day.
  • With faculty written permission to ASTesting@hood.edu .

Students are required to bring cell phones to the testing center and they are monitored turning off the cell phone and placing it until there backpack and/or purses until the test is completed. (Occasionally, a student will need their phone with them because it serves a medical purpose (e.g. assists a student with monitoring sound on hearing aids or; the faculty member will be notified, and it must already be an approved accommodation on the plan for the current semester.)

  • Students have a 15-minute grace period.
  • Students that are 15 minutes to one hour late, the minutes they are late will go towards their extended time.
  • Students that are over 45 minutes late, the test will be held and the faculty member will be contacted.
  • If your request is denied because you did not meet the scheduling deadline, you must take the test in class, whether on the original test date or an alternate date arranged with your instructor.
  • The online form is not used to schedule final exams taken in fall and spring terms. Final exam scheduling instructions are sent to all approved students.
  • Students will receive a confirmation email from testing center when they have been added to the testing center schedule. The information submitted by the student using the online form appears at the end of the confirmation email. Students are responsible for checking its accuracy.
  • Students should contact the testing center via email to cancel any unnecessary testing appointments so that the seat can potentially be used for another student.
  • While testing, students must leave all backpacks, pencil/pen cases, phones, watches, fitness tracking devices and all other items with internet/Bluetooth access that are not specifically allowed on each exam, coats, jackets, hats (except headwear worn for religious reasons) on the coat rack inside of the testing center.
  • Students are monitored by cameras with a recording device and/or a human proctor while testing.
  • Students are not allowed to communicate with anyone except testing center staff during testing.
  • Students are not allowed to remove scratch paper from the testing center.
  • All permitted note sheets/cards will be collected and delivered to the instructor with the completed test, whether or not the instructor has requested it.
  • When a student has questions during a test, the testing center proctor or coordinator will attempt to contact instructor. If that is not possible, the student will be asked to make an assumption and note it on the test.
  • Display of misconduct or any failure to comply with Testing Center Policies gives testing center staff the right to collect test materials and inform the instructor. Any instances of academic dishonesty will be reported to the instructor and department chairperson. Other staff members may be notified as deemed necessary on a case-by-case basis. In addition, other consequences may result, including the inability to schedule future tests in the testing center.