Testing Center

The testing center administers accommodated tests for a Hood College student with an approved academic accommodation plan through the Office of Accessibility Services. 

Regular Semester Testing Center Slots 

9:00 A.M.  - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

1:30 P.M. -  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Important Note: If students cannot schedule during one of these blocks due to class conflicts - the student needs to contact studentsuccess@hood.edu to discuss arrangements as soon as possible. Student Success will work with you to arrange by appointment.

  • While testing, students must leave all backpacks, pencil/pen cases, phones, watches, fitness tracking devices, coats, jackets, hats (except headwear worn for religious reasons) and all other items with internet/Bluetooth access that are not specifically allowed on each exam with the proctor.     
  • Medically necessary devices are approved with supporting documentation.   
  • Students are monitored by a proctor while testing.     
  • Students are not allowed to communicate with anyone, except testing center staff during testing.     
  • Students are not allowed to remove scratch paper or pages of the exam or quiz from the testing center.     
  • All permitted memory aids will be collected and delivered to the instructor with the completed test if the instructor has requested it.     
  • When a student has questions during a test, the testing center proctor or coordinator will attempt to contact the instructor. If that is not possible, the student will be asked to assume and note it on the test.     


If you violate the testing center policy and/or the college’s honor code, which is not limited to academic dishonesty, the following will occur:   

  • 1st Offense:
    • Testing staff will confiscate the exam and notify your professor of the violation.  
    • An AJC report will be submitted by the office of student success regarding the incident.
  • 2nd Offense:
    • The test will be confiscated, the instructor will be notified, and an AJC report will be filed.
    • Student will be required to meet with the Director of Accessibility Services before submitting a new test request.  
    • The student will be required to test in a private room with a proctor until the director of accessibility services deems otherwise. 
  • 3rd Offense
    • The test will be confiscated, the instructor will be notified, and the Dean of Students will be notified.
    • The student will not be allowed to test at our center for the duration of the semester.  
    • Before being allowed to test in the center, the student must meet with the Dean of Student Success.   
  • Students must schedule their own exam. Your instructor may not schedule it for you. 
  • Tests requests must be submitted Monday-Thursday by 11:59 pm and must be scheduled three (3) days before the date of the class’s scheduled test date. 
  • Walk-ins are not allowed because of space limitations.  
  • Students may not submit a test request on Friday.   
  • Students and the class instructor will receive an automated response when they have been added to the testing center schedule.  
  • The information submitted by the student using the online form appears in a confirmation email.   
  • Students are responsible for checking accuracy of the test request.   
  • On the day of the examination, students will be required to acknowledge their understanding of the Testing Center's policies and procedures by signing a statement.   
  • Students should contact the testing center via email at studentsuccess@hood.edu to cancel and/or reschedule testing appointments.    


Note: If the request is approved and your test is still not in our office the day and time of your exam, you will need to coordinate a new testing date with your professor and submit a new test request.  We will make attempts to connect with the professor before having to cancel your test request.   

Please sign up for your upcoming test using the following link: Test Request Link


By submitting and signing the sign-up form you are acknowledging you have read the policies and procedures and that you understand that any violation of the Honor Code will cause you to lose your testing privileges in the testing center. 

Please note: Test request must be scheduled three (3) days before the date of the class test. Walk in appointments are not allowed. Students must submit test requests between Monday-Thursday by 11:59 pm.