Graphic Usage & Guidelines

When the logo is used in marketing materials together with photography, illustration, or other typography, a minimum amount of clear space must surround the logotype. This space is equivalent to one-half the width of the graphic mark, as illustrated below. The primary logo may not be reproduced smaller than one and one-half inches in width. (See photo gallery below for athletic reproduction specs and logo don'ts.)



Internal Logo Guidelines

Use of a departmental or organizational logo or identifying mark is permissible if, and only if, the communication tool, within which it appears is meant solely for internal campus use. If the communication tool is intended to target off-campus constituents, the correct guidelines for the official Hood College logo must be followed. For example, if the Hood College International Club is posting flyers around campus to announce its next meeting, the use of a specific International Club identity is acceptable. If, however, the International Club is sending a request to the International Club at another local college asking them to consider co-sponsoring a dinner event, the International Club identity must not conflict with the Hood College identity and the Hood logo must be used elsewhere in the publication.