Campus Cupboard

Although we are fortunate to be part of a welcoming, resource-rich campus like Hood, we know that a handful of students, especially those without a campus meal plan, struggle with food and resource insecurity from time to time. This is a campus initiative designed to support such students—both graduate and undergraduate.  The Campus Cupboard aims to provide non-perishable food staples and hygiene items to students with temporary or long-term need via a confidential system.

If you are currently experiencing food insecurity, fill out our interest form or email our secure mailbox at


  • The Frederick Community Fridge is a community resource that provides perishable and non-perishable food items to community members. The fridge is located at 322 W Patrick St. Frederick MD 21701 and is available 24/7. You can pick up produce, bread and other groceries here.
  • Feeding Frederick provides a comprehensive list of free food providers in Frederick.
  • The SHARE Food Network provides wholesome, nutritious foods to families and individuals at a reduced cost, promotes volunteer service, and builds partnerships with local community organizations. Every month, a new SHARE menu will be available. Everyone is welcome to purchase—no application, qualification, identification, or documentation required. A sample menu is 5lb. of chicken drumsticks, 1 lb. ground chicken and 1lb. boneless pork chops, plus 8-10 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables for $25. EBT accepted. Visit the website for order deadlines, pick up dates and pick up locations in Frederick and the surrounding area. 

The Campus Cupboard is stocked solely by donations from the Hood campus community. Thank you for your continued support and generosity! If you would like to donate, please see our list of priority items here. If you would like to host a drive to support the Campus Cupboard, please email 

Individuals, groups, organizations and classes are welcome to volunteer with the Campus Cupboard. Please send the following information to so your service day can be scheduled:

  • What day(s) are you looking to volunteer?

  • How many hours are you (your group) available?

SNAP benefits (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) provide funds (based on your income) to purchase food. Did you know part-time and full-time college students may be eligible to receive SNAP benefits which can be used at grocery stores, farmers markets and other retailers?

You may be eligible if you:

  • Have a child aged 6-12 without childcare
  • Have a child below the age of 6
  • Work 20+ hours per week
  • Are eligible for a work study program
  • Have a disability that prohibits working
  • Receive the maximum Pell Grant

Apply online at: or call : 1 - 8 6 6 - 8 2 1 - 5 5 5 2