Required Medical Forms

New residential and commuter students taking undergraduate coursework must submit medical paperwork to Hood College Health Services prior to beginning classes. Forms are to be completed and on file at the Health Center by July 31 for the upcoming fall semester, and by December 31 for upcoming spring semester. Students who do not complete all forms will have a registration hold placed on their account and will not be permitted to move into residence halls.  Complete medical records are required for all new students including first year and transfer students.


Please download the Required Medical Forms and return to Hood College Health Services as soon as possible.


Important Information About Required Medical Forms and Immunizations:

  • The Report of Medical Exam, Report of Medical History, Immunization Record and Emergency Contact forms must be completed and returned to Hood College Health Services. The required forms should be returned by July 31 for fall enrollment or December 31 for spring enrollment.
  • Registration for classes in subsequent semesters cannot be completed until your health forms are on file. Residential students will not be allowed to move in until health forms are on file.
  • Please keep a copy of all completed forms for your records.
  • If a student finds they need a reasonable accommodation based on a documented disability that prevents them from complying with the vaccine requirements, they will need to submit a request for an exemption. Applications for exemptions are due by July 31 for the upcoming fall semester and December 31 for the upcoming spring semester

In order to offer convenient physical examinations at an affordable price, incoming students may make an appointment to complete the required physical examination at Hood College Health Services in the Frederick Health Toll House facility. You may schedule an appointment by calling 301-698-8374. The charge for the physical exam is $75 and you must have your complete vaccination record in order to receive an exam. Hood College Health Services is located at 501 W. 7th Street Frederick, MD 21701 in the Frederick Health Toll House facility. 

How to submit your completed medical forms:

  • Upload a scanned copy of all pages to Hood's secure document exchange. Select Health Center as the receiving office.
  • Fax directly to the Hood College Health Services, ATTN: Lori Cavanaugh at 301-698-0182 with a confidential cover page.
  • Hand deliver them during Hood College Summer Orientation & Advising Days, or during Health Services office hours. 
  • U.S. mail: Hood College Health Services at FH Toll House, ATTN: Lori Cavanaugh 501 W. 7th Street, Frederick, MD 21701 (marked confidential)

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Hood College does not offer health insurance plans to students at this time. Domestic and international students can obtain health insurance through the health care exchanges established pursuant to the Affordable Care Act.

All full-time international students must have adequate medical insurance coverage, either through an overseas student insurance plan or other international student insurance plan. 

Below is a list of health insurance companies for international students. Hood College does not endorse any of the programs listed and students will need to purchase with their discretion. Our purpose is to provide you various health insurance program options which are available to you.

International Student Insurance      

Maryland Health Insurance Exchange

ISO Insurance                                                                                

Cultural Insurance Services International                                                               

VISIT International Health Insurance         

IMG Global                 

General Health Education Resources