Core Curriculum: HEART

The Heart, where tradition and change meet. To set you on a path to success, you'll participate in a rich interdisciplinary first-year experience where you'll begin making connections (both socially and academically). 

HEART (10-11 credits)

  • First-Year Seminar (Fall): You'll select a seminar topic based on a theme connected to Hood's four columns--Hope, Opportunity, Obligation, and Democracy. The seminar includes service-learning, which means you'll connect what you're doing in the classroom with a meaningful project in the community (4 credits)
  • English Composition (Fall) (3-4 credits, depending on placement test)
  • In the spring, you'll stay with your seminar cohort and complete a theme-linked course (3 credits)

HEART Examples with Possible Themes


Hood ColumnPossible Theme & CoursesPossible Theme & Courses

Pathways to Sustainability

  • English Composition
  • Seminar: Sustainability
  • Linked course: Intro to Sustainability or Environmental Problems

Social Justice

  • English Composition
  • Seminar: Social Justice
  • Linked course: Intro to Women and Gender Studies or Social Problems

The Human Experience

  • English Composition
  • Seminar: Human Experience
  • Linked course:African American Experience or Human Nature and Society

Education for All 

  • English Composition
  • Seminar: Education For All
  • Linked course: Children/Youth with Exceptionalities 

Global Citizenship

  • English Composition
  • Seminar: Global Citizenship
  • Linked course:Intro to Global Studies or International Relations

Water as a Global Resource

  • English Composition
  • Seminar: Water as a Global Resource
  • Linked course: Environmental Science

Freedom and Democracy

  • English Composition
  • Seminar: Freedom & Democracy
  • Linked course: Mathematics of Democracy or Intro to U.S. Politics


  • English Composition
  • Seminar: Revolutions
  • Linked course: Mass Media & Revolution or Political Violence & Terrorism