Honors Center

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates having participated in the Hood College Honors Program:

1. Engage in interdisciplinary learning.  

  • Demonstrate the ability to assess, analyze, and/or critique an idea, issue, text, object, theme, or concept from more than one perspective.  
  • Demonstrate the ability to compare and/or contrast various approaches to a particular. concept, idea, practice, issue, or movement  

2. Perform research and/or creative scholarship.  

  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct research, properly cite sources/data, and use sources/data to support a central thesis/argument in formal academic writing.  
  • Demonstrate the ability to present research and/or findings in oral, visual, creative, and/or non-verbal ways. 

3. Participate in service and experiential learning.  

  • Demonstrate the development of practical skills directly related to a service or experiential learning experience.  
  • Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively and/or independently to define and/or implement an appropriate. project/plan of work.  

  4. Demonstrate global cultural awareness.  

  • Demonstrate progress towards oral and written proficiency in a second (non-English) global language.   
  • Demonstrate familiarity with global perspectives and have increased exposure to and awareness of global foods and cultures.