Computer Labs

Availability Legend:

 Open=available anytime
 Limited =available if no class is in session
 Restricted =available only to students enrolled in discipline or living in dorm
 Reserved =by request
Location # of PCs Special Focus Type 
Alumnae Hall 312 8Sociology Limited
Hodson 009 10 Field Biology Restricted 
Hodson 113 24 Computer Science Limited
Hodson 132 8Biology Limited
Hodson 136 8Biology Limited
Hodson 207 Physics Restricted 
Hodson 209 Gen. Chemistry Restricted 
Hodson 210 10 Chem. Computing Restricted 
Hodson 213 Adv. Chemistry  Restricted 
Hodson 214 Organic Chem. Restricted 
Hodson 237 26Comp Sci/Math Limited
Hodson 308G20Field Biology/Computer ScienceLimited
Hodson 315 12 Math Limited
Hodson 319 16 Linux  Restricted 
Library Reference Area20NoneOpen
Blazer Hall2Residents only Restricted
Coblentz Hall 2Residents only Restricted 
Memorial Hall 2Residents only Restricted 
Meyran Hall 2Residents only Restricted 
Shriner Hall 2Residents only Restricted 
Smith Hall 2Residents only Restricted 
Rosenstock 019 16 Psychology  Limited
Rosenstock 219 20 Journalism Limited
Rosenstock 220 14 English Dept. Restricted 
Rosenstock 30516Mac LabReserved
Tatem 107 30Education Limited
Tatem 216 16 Digital Photography Reserved  
Whitaker Center 12None Open