There are 3 general types of printing available for students at Hood.  Each method has its own subtleties and requirements:

Printing from labs

  • Printing to the college's labs is only available to current Hood students, faculty, and staff.  In order to print from a lab computer, you need only to log into the lab computer with your Hood ID and Password.  The lab's printer will automatically be installed for your login session.

Printing from the wireless network

  • Printing from Hood's wireless network assumes that you are printing using a personal computer, iPad or other IOS device.  If you are printing from a Macintosh or an iOS device, you are required to install the PaperCut Client Tool.  If you are a Windows user, installing this tool is optional.  Droid and Linux users are not currently supported.  Please check below for assistance with wireless printing here at Hood.

Personal printing in a dorm or apartment

  • Please review Personal Printers @ Hood.
  • Printing from a Hood dorm can involve either wired or wireless printing.  If your residence offers a computer room with a printer, please refer to connection instructions below.  Printing to a personal printer does not involve the Hood print accounting system.  If you need assistance in setting up a printer in your dorm/apt., please contact the HelpDesk at or 301-696-3622.
  • Printing at an off-campus personal or Hood provided apartment does not involve the Hood network.  As a result, Hood does not provide instructions or policy for printing in this type of location.

If you are having a problem printing, please contact the HelpDesk either by email ( or by phone at 301-696-3622.  The Student Print Queues chart lists all available lab printers by their queue name, location and associated printer.  

Quick steps to print from your iPad:

  1. Connect to the Hood wireless network using your Hood ID (pergola\abc1) and password.
  2. Install the PaperCut Client iOS app on your iPad.  This is a required step.
  3. Log into the PaperCutClient iOS app with your Hood ID (abc1) and password. This is a required step.
  4. Open the app you wish to print from.  Choose the content you want to print and tap the appropriate icon to display the option to Print.  The print button can be different from app to app, but generally it is located under the "action" (box w/curved arrow) button.
  5. Choose a printer.  All available printers will end with -IOS.
  6. Choose the number of copies you wish to print.
  7. Make sure Duplex mode is turned off. This is a required step.
  8. Tap the Print button to print your content.  You can open your PaperCut Client app to see your printing history and quota balance.


Quick steps to print from your Macintosh:

Note: These instructions were written for Mac OS X 10.6 + and assume that you have an active connection to the internet.  In order to print from a Macintosh, you must install the PaperCut Client tool as described here and have it running. This app requires Java.  You must be logged on to your Mac with Administrator privileges. The instructions below reflect OS X ver. 10.7.x (Lion) and greater. Previous versions of OS X will state "Print & Fax" in place of "Print & Scan".
  1. Log into Hood's wireless network using your student username and password
  2. Click the Apple icon in the upper left and choose System Preferences.
  3. Click on the Print & Scan icon.
  4. Click the plus sign (+) found at the bottom of the Printers dialogue box located on the left side of the Print & Scan window.
  5. The Add Printer window will appear.  Choose the Default icon in the menu bar.  A listing of available printers will appear.
  6. Choose a printer from this list (dbl-click).  Depending upon your OS version, the printer driver may automatically be selected.  If it is not, choose Select Printer Software and enter either the model of the printer or Generic PCL 6/PCL XL Printer.  The model of the printer can be obtained here.  Optional: enter the location of the printer.
  7. Click Add. The printer will be added to your Printers list.
  8. Note: After clicking Add, a window of Installable Options for the printer may be displayed. Check these as appropriate for the printer, especially if it will print Duplex (only Library and Apple offer this feature), then click Continue.
  9. Open the application/document you wish to print. When you actually print, the PaperCut Client tool will ask you to login with your Hood ID, Password and the amount of time you will be printing.  This feature will allow you to print for a period of time without re-logging into PaperCut.

Quick steps to print from Windows 7:

Authentication to Neptune server (Hood's print server):

  1. Enter "\\" at Start-Run
  2. At the login authentication page, enter your username (ie. – pergola\[username]) and password. Then close the window

Add printer:

  1. Start – Devices and Printers
  2. Click Add Printer
  3. ClickAdd Local Printer
  4. Click Create a new port. In the “type of port field” select local port, click Next. In the “enter port name field” type \\\"printername"
  5. Select a Printer Model, then select the driver name for the specific printer. If the printer is not listed, click on WINDOWS UPDATE, then select printer.
  6. In the printer name field, change the default HP printer name (eg. HP Laserjet 8150 Series PCL6) to the dorm or lab printer name (eg. Smith) you just selected if you’d like a more meaningful name.

Quick steps to print from Windows 8/10:

  1. From the Start Menu choose Windows Settings and choose Devices (Bluetooth, printers, mouse)
  2. From the Device list on the left hand side, choose Printers & Scanners
  3. Choose Add a printer or scanner
  4. Click on the Settings option right below the search box. A menu on the right will give you several options. Select Devices and Printers.
  5. Scroll down until you see The printer that I want isn't listed
  6. Type the following in the Select a shared printer by name field: \\neptune\
  7. You will be presented with a list of printers - they are by location. Scroll through the list to find the one you want. Click it and then select Next.
  8. The system will then detect and install the necessary printer drivers for that printer. Hit Next after getting ‘You’ve successfully added “<printername>” on Neptune'.  Click Next and then Finish.