Using Hood College Printers

Printing to Hood College printers is available to all students who are enrolled for the current semester. Students can print using a Hood classroom computer or by using their personal device.

The IT department has implemented a secure print solution using the PaperCut application.  All print jobs are sent to a secure print queue and can be released from any centrally located Canon MFD printer.  The secure print queue is named HoodSecurePrint

For detailed information and instructions please refer to the pdf in the following link:  

pdf14.pngHood Secure Printing

The Canon MFD (mult-funtion devices) can be used for printing, copying and scanning to email. Instructions for logging into a Canon MFD is located on the top of the device.

Canon MFD Printer Locations

  • AD Building, First Floor, Room 118 next to the steps (Color) 
  • AD Building, Second Floor, hallway (Color)
  • AD Building, Third Floor, hallway (BW)
  • Apple Building, Third Floor, stairwell (BW)
  • Blazer Hall Dorm, First Floor, near the Honors Suite (Color) 
  • Coblentz Hall Dorm
  • Hodson Building, First Floor, Atrium Area (Color)  
  • Hodson Building, Second Floor, hallway near room 212 (BW) 
  • Hodson Building, Third Floor, hallway near room 315 (BW) 
  • Rosenstock Building, First Floor, hallway near the front door (BW) 
  • Rosenstock Building, Second Floor, near the water cooler (Color) 
  • Library, First Floor, in the Computer Lab Area (Color) 
  • Memorial Hall Dorm (coming soon)
  • Meyran Hall Dorm
  • Smith Hall Dorm
  • Tatem First Floor Kitchenette Area, Room 111 (Color) 
  • Tatem Second Floor, outside Moot courtroom (BW) 
  • Tatem Third Floor, Kitchen area (BW) 
  • Toll House, First Floor (Color) 
  • Toll House, Second Floor (Color)
  • Whitaker Second Floor, corridor to Apple Building (Color) 

If you are having a problem printing, please contact the HelpDesk either by email ( or by phone at 301-696-3622.