Distribution (Email) Lists

In order to minimize the volume of mass email messages that students receive, Hood has established criteria for student mass email postings.

All student distribution lists are moderated.   Members of the Hood community may post to student lists in order to announce events relevant to Hood College academics and sponsored activities.  Email messages that do not meet this criteria will not be forwarded and the sender will receive a notification that their email was not accepted. 

Common reasons email messages are not approved include:

  • Items for sale
  • Lost and Found
    (please contact Campus Safety for lost/found items)
  • Job postings
    (please contact the Career Center at careers@hood.edu to post a job advertisement)
  • Postings regarding apartments, houses for rent
    (please contact the Residence Life Office for these postings)
  • Advertisements for off-campus events not sponsored or co-sponsored by Hood College or a Hood College student organization
  • Requests for information, surveys, etc.
  • Emails sent for discussion purposes only

If you feel your email only pertains to a specific group of students, please address it accordingly. If for example, you are sending a message about a social program on campus for undergraduates, please use the undergraduates student list. This targets your audience accurately and reduces student spam.