Wireless access is currently available throughout the Hood Campus.  For information on accessing the wireless networks on campus, please read the setup instructions below.

Wireless access on campus


  This is a secured wireless network available campus-wide. It requires a WPA2-Enterprise compatible client. Users connect using their Hood email and password.  This network is a high speed, high bandwidth network. 
     •  Windows 7   
     •  Windows 8  
     •  Windows 10
    •  OS X
    •  iOS
    •  All Droids
    • All Chromebooks


     This is an open network for visitors.  This network is only available in administrative and academic buildings.  This network is bandwidth restricted and does not have access to all sites and services.



This is a hidden, but open, network available campus-wide.  This network is intended for android users who are not able to connect to secure@hood.

  • To configure go to Settings -> Connections -> WiFi -> Add network
  • For network name enter android@hood
  • For security select None
  • Select Save




This is a secured network available campus-wide.  This network is intended for game streaming devices, game consoles and printers.  Please contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance connecting your device to this network.