Email Overview


email2.pngYour Hood College email account is your primary means of communication between you and other Hood community members such as advisors, instructors, classmates, students, co-workers, and associates.  For students, email is the official vehicle for the College to communicate with you regarding important issues including billing of student accounts and campus emergencies, news, and events.

Your email account will be automatically created when you have been entered into our administrative system, Power Campus.  As a student, this will be when you are deposited, as a faculty, administrator, or staff member, it will be when you are made active by Human Resources.


Each student at Hood receives a Microsoft Office365 account. We refer to this system as Email in the Cloud. Further details and information about your Email in the Cloud account can be found under student email.


All graduates of Hood (re: Alumni) are permitted to keep their student email account for life.   Recently, all remaining Alumni mailboxes were migrated from Hood's "old" student mail server to Microsoft Office365.  If you have not logged into your Alumni mailbox for sometime and need assistance in obtaining either your Hood ID or password, please contact the Hood Help Desk at 301-696-3622 or helpdesk  Further details and information about your Alumni account can be found under student email.

Faculty, staff and administrators

Hood's faculty, staff and partners use Microsoft Exchange. Further details and information about your Exchange account can be found under faculty and staff email.

Notable Notes:

Help Desk:  If you encounter any problems or have questions, contact the IT Help Desk at 301-696-3622 or

Phishing warning:  IT will never ask you for your username and password via email. Phishing emails attempt to deceive the recipient into giving up private information in a response to a message or by leading the recipient to a fraudulent website.

Virus information:  Please ensure that your PC is running the most recent version of antivirus software. Viruses are very serious. Please use caution when opening email attachments.

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