Course Evaluations

Faculty at Hood College strongly believe that thoughtful student feedback promotes course improvement.

Hood College offers online course evaluations through the Anthology Course Evaluations platform.

Evaluations are anonymously collected using this online system. Students should be advised that while their identity will not be connected to their responses, student responses may be identifiable through the open comments section. Course section results with two or less responses are not released to instructors to protect student confidentiality.

About the Course Evaluation Process

Students generally have 2-3 weeks to complete an evaluation prior to the end of each course. Reminder emails will be sent throughout the evaluation period until all assigned evaluations are completed.

End of semester course evaluations close before finals or during the last week of the semester. Course evaluations are closed before instructors are invited to enter their final grades. Once all grades for the semester are submitted and confirmed by the Office of the Registrar, the evaluation results are released to instructors. Students do not have access to their final grades upon completing their evaluation, and instructors do not have access to evaluation results before grades are finalized.

For questions regarding the course evaluation process or platform, please contact