Information for Faculty

Hood College conducts online course evaluations using the Anthology Course Evaluations platform.

Accessing Course Evaluation Reports

Instructors can access their Course Evaluations account via automated email links or Blackboard. Evaluation reports from Spring 2021 through the most recent semester can be located in Anthology Course Evaluations. Please contact for reports prior to Spring 2021.

To access your Course Evaluations account via Blackboard:

  • Log in to Blackboard 
  • On the Blackboard homepage, scroll down and locate the Course Evaluations box. Select Launch MyCourseEval.
    • To access a recent report directly from Blackboard, you can select View Report beside the course name. This option will not appear if a course report has not been released to you in the past few months.

Once you have accessed your account:

  • Select the reports dropdown icon near the top left corner and select Evaluation Reports
  • Adjust the filters to select which reports will appear
  • Check the boxes under the Include column on the right for each desired course report
  • Select the blue View, PDF, or Print icons on the right above the course list

Note: Course evaluation reports with two or less student responses are not released to protect student response confidentiality. If you do not see your course, it may have received two or less responses. Students do not receive a course evaluation survey if the course has two or less students. Internship, practicum, thesis, and study abroad courses generally do not receive evaluations.

Survey Questions

A sample course evaluation survey can be accessed here. The hybrid and online question sets are only shown for designated courses.

Adding Course Specific Questions

Instructors who wish to add course specific questions or evaluations of a Teaching or Language Assistant, please send your request to Once an additional question set is added to your course, it will automatically populate every time the course is offered until the question set is unassigned.

Additional question sets are automatically added for hybrid and online courses.

Communication Plans

  • Take a moment in class to inform your students of the course evaluations available through Blackboard. Please remind students to complete their evaluations, let them know how you use evaluations, and explain why their feedback is important to you.
  • Students will receive an automated email invitation alerting them to the start of an evaluation period. Periodic reminders will be sent as long as the student still has uncompleted evaluations. Automated emails will also be sent to instructors with updates on response rates.
  • Students can complete the evaluation anytime during the evaluation period, but you can still allow class time for the completion of the evaluation.

Please contact if you have any questions.