Information for Students

Instructors at Hood College strongly believe that thoughtful student feedback promotes course improvement.

Hood College conducts online course evaluations using the Anthology Course Evaluations platform.

End of term course evaluations typically open for 2-3 weeks and close before finals or the end of the course. Currently enrolled students can access their course evaluations during the evaluation period through Blackboard or by using the unique link sent via email.

To access your evaluations:

  1. Sign in to Blackboard.
  2. Select your course(s) within the MyCourseEvals box on the Blackboard homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are results anonymous?

  • Yes. Confidentiality is the central tenet of the course evaluation system. The system provides anonymity assurances.
  • The system does not connect individual students to quantitative responses. Unless a student reveals themselves in the written comments, open-ended responses are similarly assured of confidentiality.
  • In order to protect student confidentiality, instructors do not receive evaluation results if two or less responses were received.

When are instructors able to view the evaluation results?

  • Instructors receive the course evaluation results until after all grades are submitted.
  • Students complete evaluations prior to the end of the semester. The evaluation period ends before final grades are submitted.
  • Again, instructors do not receive evaluation results if two or less responses were received.

Do I have to complete the course evaluations?

  • No. Hood College strongly encourages students to offer their feedback but does not mandate that students complete the course evaluations.

Why didn't I receive an evaluation for my course?

  • Courses with two or less students do not receive evaluations in order to protect student confidentiality.
  • Internship, practicum, thesis, and study abroad courses generally do not receive evaluations.