Current Assessment Activities

Assessment is a process designed to systematically measure the achievement of learning outcomes/goals among students, programs, or other entities to verify student accomplishments and improve programs.

This assessment process at Hood College is described in the following cycle:

Time Period

Key Personnel


SummerOIRA; Graduate School FacultyGraduate school assessment workshop
AugustOIRA; CCAB; FacultyAssessment Day (faculty discussions, assessment updates, and workshops)
Throughout each semesterOIRA; Core Area Coordinators; Department Chairs/Program CoordinatorsMeet to confirm assessment plans, rubrics, and linkages in Chalk & Wire
As scheduledOIRA; CCAB; Core Area Coordinators; Core Area FacultyCore area reviews, scheduled on a two-year rotation
November & AprilOIRADistribute Excel score templates for courses not submitting results via Chalk & Wire
Throughout each semesterFacultyScore assignments in Chalk & Wire and submit results to OIRA (by end of semester)
DecemberCCAB; Core Area CoordinatorsCore areas submit data into action plans to CCAB
MayOIRARelease annual assessment reports
JuneOIRA; Administrative UnitsComplete administrative unit assessment reports

CCAB=Core Curriculum Assessment Board; OIRA=Office of Institutional Research & Assessment