Student Learning Outcomes

At Hood College, we are committed to teaching excellence.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) identify what we expect students to know and do as a result of completing their programs of study.

We believe an integrated learning approach that combines a strong grounding in the liberal arts with advanced study in the major and opportunities for internships and research initiatives is the best way to prepare students for lives of purpose and civic engagement.

In addition to the program SLOs below, Institutional Learning Outcomes have been developed.

Student Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Accounting (B.A.)Global Studies (B.A.)
Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies (B.A.)History (B.A.)
Art and Archaeology (B.A.)Honors Program
Art Therapy (B.A.)Integrated Marketing Communications (B.A.)
Biochemistry (B.A.)Law and Criminal Justice (B.A.)
Biology (B.A.)Mathematics (B.A.)
Business Administration (B.A.)Music (B.A.)
Chemistry (B.A.)Nursing (BSN)
Communication Arts (B.A.)Philosophy (B.A.)
Computer Science (B.S.)Political Science (B.A.)
Early Childhood Education (B.A.)Psychology (B.A.)
Economics (B.A.)Public Health (B.A.)
Elementary/Special Education (B.A.)Social Work (B.A.)
English (B.A.)Sociology (B.A.)
Environmental Science and Policy (B.A.)Spanish: Iberian & Latin American Cultural Studies (B.A.)
Finance (B.A.)Spanish (B.A.)
French (B.A.)Sustainability Studies (B.A.)