Christine P. Tischer Scholars

Students who at the end of their junior year have earned an overall grade-point average of 3.0 and a 3.5 in their major, are invited to participate in Departmental Honors work during their senior year. The prestigious and highly selective yearlong program is designed for students who wish to pursue intensive research or a special project. Papers and projects are presented at a special forum in the spring.

In consultation with a departmental faculty adviser, students choose a topic of interest, usually in their major, and select a committee of two additional faculty members to serve as advisers and readers.

Students who complete departmental honors papers, which are included in the permanent collections of the Beneficial-Hodson Library, are designated Christine P. Tischer Scholars, in honor of the 1965 alumna of the College who has generously supported the program.

2018 Christine P. Tischer Scholars

Project: Love Thy Ideal Neighbor: Permitted and Forbidden Relationships in Utopian Fiction

Department: English and Communication Arts

Adviser:Professor Heather Mitchell-Buck

Committee Members: Professor Amy Gottfried and Professor David Gurzick

Project:Using Angler Surveys to Record Recreational Fishing Interactions with Turtles in the Chesapeake Bay

Department: Biology (Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies)

Adviser: Professor Drew Ferrier

Committee Members: Jennifer Dittmar, Curator of Animal Rescue, National Aquarium in Baltimore; and Kathryn O'Hara, Pier Partner Program Coordinator, Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Project: Directed Evolution of Pectin Methylesterase to Higher Activity

Department: Biology

Adviser: Professor Craig Laufer

Committee Members: Professor Oney Smith and Professor Dana Lawrence

Chair: Professor Amy and Professor Jay Harrison

Project:The Effects of Cultural Competence and Studying Abroad on Future Career Opportunities

Department: Psychology and Counseling

Adviser: Professor Shannon Kundey

Committee Members: Professor Ingrid Farreras and Professor Scott Pincikowski

Chair: Professor Craig Laufer

Project: What it Takes to be a Goddess: Examining the Relationship Between Queens and Divinity in Ancient Egypt

Department: Art and Archaeology

Adviser: Professor Tammy Krygier

Committee Members: Professor Martha Bari and Professor Donald Wright

Project: A Bittersweet Alliance: How the Joint Efforts of OSS Operatives and Italian Partisans Helped Win the Second World War

Department: History

Adviser: Professor Jay Harrison

Committee Members: Professor Katherine Orloff and Professor Corey Campion

Chair: Professor Jennifer Ross 

Project: A Comparison of Stress Levels Between Student-Athletes and Non-Athletes at a Division III Institution

Department: Psychology and Counseling

Adviser: Professor Diane Graves

Committee Members: Professor Shannon Kundey and Professor Paul Soong

Project: Frederick II and Medieval Muslims: Rulership, Expulsion, and Crusade

Department: History

Adviser: Professor Emilie Amt

Committee Members: Professor Jay Harrison and Professor April Morris

Project: The Suggestive Power of the Roman Ideal: A Comparison of Roman Imperial and Provincial Domestic Space

Department: Art and Archaeology

Adviser: Professor Jennifer Ross

Committee Members: Professor Emilie Amt and Professor Heather Mitchell-Buck

Chair: Professor Hoda Zaki

Project: Learning Entrepreneurship From Inside a Tech Startup

Department: Economics and Business Administration

Adviser: Professor David Gurzick

Committee Members: Professor David Gurzick, Professor Jerrold Van Winter and Professor Shannon Kundey

Project: The Effect of Suspect Race and Degree of Suspect Resistance on Mock Police Officer Choice of Force

Department: Psychology and Counseling

Adviser: Professor Ingrid Farreras

Committee Members: Professor Teresa Bean and Professor Diane Graves

Project: When Art Goes Viral: Exploring the Political Circumstances of the New Artistic Condition

Departments: Music and Political Science

Advisers: Professor Wayne Wold and Professor Hoda Zaki

Committee Members: Professor Noel Verzosa and Professor Aaron Angello

Project: Some Voices We Remember: A Collection of Poems

Department: English and Communication Arts

Adviser: Professor Aaron Angello

Committee Members: Professor Amy Gottfried; Professor Elizabeth Knapp; and Sarah Bigham, Program Manager of Education and Assistant Professor of Education at Frederick Community College

Project: Acquisition or Theft? Civil Asset Forfeiture in Pennsylvania

Department: Political Science

Adviser: Professor Tamelyn Tucker-Worgs

Committee Members: Professor Carin Robinson and Professor Jolene Sanders

Project: Investigating Perceptions of Poverty

Department: Political Science (Global Studies)

Adviser: Professor Paige Eager

Committee Members: Reverend Beth O’Malley and Professor Carin Robinson